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A little harsh, aren't you? It's not like Gruber was claiming to be an authority on the future of Apple products. He was just discussing the advantages Apple would have in releasing the iPad 3 early and was then guessing it would happen. That sounds like something just about any other pundit might do, until you notice that mid-way through the article he openly critiques his own lousy record for predictions. Save your harsh criticism for all the tech pundits out there who...
Personally, I've always found Phil Schiller to be very relatable at keynotes and presentations. He seems like a bit of a goofball when he's part of these events, someone you could actually hang out with for a while and have a decent chat with. However, he does seem to bring out a lot of venom amongst Apple fans for some bizarre reason.
Yeah, and they have no expertise or track record in operating systems and associated software. You know, that part is kinda important. I'm not writing off Amazon, BTW, but just having your own content distribution channels does not make you an Apple competitor.
Wasn't the term "window" already in common use to describe part of a GUI back when MS trademarked it? Not sure I understand your point. MS did sell windows... GUI windows.
Fail. These old media and cable companies have got to stop being so provincial in their thinking. If your streaming service is limited to your own customers, then what is the point? They could just as easily turn on the damn TV.
I'll offer myself and my wife as a case study. I'm a bit of a geek and I have an iPhone 3G and she's very put off my technology and has a Droid Eris. Both of these phones are from roughly the same time period (the Eris is about 10 months newer, but close enough for the point I'm making.) If we're traveling or out doing something, and she needs to look something up on a map or go online for some reason, she will invariably grab my iPhone to do it if I'm not using it. The...
We already know Apple doesn't tell their partners about new iPhone models and often they hear about it at the same time the rest of us do, so it seems to me this is probably a placeholder for what we all know is coming. The fact that it's listed as a 4S is probably more a reflection of expectations (as cultivated by sites like AppleInsider and MacRumors) than any inside knowledge of Apple's upcoming products. IOW, a non-story as far as I'm concerned.
File this one under "WTF?" Seriously, why shoehorn the Windows desktop environment into a tablet if it can't even run Windows apps? What's the point?
[ Google BS translator working... ] [ DONE! See results below. ]
"The only thing worse than not being in the tablet market is being in the tablet market." --Oscar Wilde/Monty Python.
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