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  Seems like the logical move, doesn't it? But you have to remember there are users out there who appear to be pathologically afraid of owing anything made by Apple or just weirdly self-conscious of looking like a "joiner." I suppose someone has to cater to those guys. 
    Interesting. I think a lot of the hatred of Apple is focused on Steve Jobs. Ever since Jobs' death, I've wondered how the Steve-hating segment of the tech media would respond to Apple's successes and failures in his absence. Either way, whether Apple thrives or falters, there's going to be an anti-Steve sentiment buried in it. I figure it will go like this.   Apple announces record profits and sales.   "Ah, see, it was Tim Cook all along. Steve Jobs was just a poser,...
A restraining order, huh? Did Samsung touch Apple inappropriately? 
Hmm... this seems familiar. What other company out there would often produce flashy marketing videos for products they weren't ready to release to throw people off a competitor's product? Gee, can't quite remember who it was that did that. 
  Has there ever been a consumer backlash against Apple for any of these patent lawsuits? What makes you think one will happen this time?
  /brain cramp
  "best mapping solution [...] and most popular..."   The first adjective is entirely subjective (personally, I think Bing Maps is superior in a lot of ways) and the second is completely irrelevant. After all, Windows is more popular than OS X and we know how much that matters.
As long as you're not hard-coding screen sizes or positions/sizes of elements in your code (and with rare exception, you shouldn't be) then this is pretty much a non-issue. I ported my game from iPad to iPhone/iPod Touch in about an hour. Differing screen sizes is indeed a form of fragmentation and does affect developers but it's minor, and if you're smart (i.e., not sloppy) about how you organize your projects and write code, it's not that big a deal. 
  Apple would have to be very cagey about such a move. Cutting a company out of your supply chain to punish them financially over a competing product sounds dangerously close to anticompetitive behavior. 
Wake up, deeply entrenched TV and cable industries. Time to die.
New Posts  All Forums: