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I hope the projectors they use were hand-cranked. Don't want to add to humanity's footprint. 
    Same here.    Wasn't Apple investigating ways to provide haptic feedback to users for its on-screen keyboard? What if Apple develops a way to use a flexible screen in a way that produces the feel of on-screen keys. I don't know much about these flexible display and their limitations but I wonder if that's where this is going.
Where do you get the 90% number? I very much doubt that it affects that many developers. I develop for iOS and have never once needed to access the UDID. It's not like something you're forced to do to develop for iOS. I can't imagine that it really affects that many apps.And frankly, for every developer it pisses off, there's going to be a developer who is thrilled to get a strategic opening for his app against a competing app. The faster you one-up the competition getting...
I think your analogy is off slightly. It wasn't the users (i.e., drivers) who were to blame. Let's say it this way: should the car manufacturer be held liable if they leave a glaring flaw in their car's design such that a person can take control of the car remotely and run someone over with it? I say yes. If you insist on sticking with your analogy, then let's apply it to a real world example other than Apple. Let's consider how that analogy applies to Microsoft. Your...
Are you kidding? I know we're all Apple users here and there's going to be a bit of bias, but gimme a break! This is about 90% Apple's fault and 10% Path's fault. Apple should have had better restrictions in place on what any given app can access from the start. Sure, you can argue that Path shouldn't have done it and that they broke some developer guidelines, but FFS, it's a no-brainer to build into the system some kind of protection for the user's personal info and an...
I love how you completely omit the OS it's running. Pity such fantastic hardware is hobbled by an operating system straight out of the dark ages.
It's a halo effect from all those iPhone-buying baristas.
In before the flood of Android fans saying Samsung should just learn how to compete. What? I'm a dreamer.
Every time I read news about the Playbook I end up going back to my first experience with it. My daughter and I spotted a couple of demo units and picked them up. Within 2 minutes, the browser had crashed on me and the entire unit rebooted. Even after the reboot, the browser kept crashing. The one my daughter had froze and wouldnt power down. We couldn't figure out the magic key combo to force a restart. Terrible first impression, and before anyone scoffs at me making...
"Wow. How f@#$%& scientific. You can't argue with that." --Bill Hicks.And even with all that, it's still not clear that Android is actually winning. The bottom line for any business is not how many products you pump into the market but how much money you make. That's the real goal at the end of the day for any business and we all know how iOS compares with Android on that front.
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