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Actually, it wasn't very successful at taking shots at Apple. It was taking shots at Apple users by relying on some idiotic stereotypes. I'm no marketing guru or anything but I'm pretty sure insulting your potential customers is a dumb move.
These are the exact same thoughts that crossed my mind when I watched it. This is definitely not going to convert any iPhone users. After all, anyone who has actually lived with an iPhone knows for damn sure they're using it for lots of reasons but least of all as a fashion statement. So Samsung blows their credibility with would-be converts right there. And they're definitely not having to do this to win over Google users who saddle themselves to the disaster called...
I looked at eBay and don't see a pattern or anything notable. What is it you're getting at?
Gee, this is strange because religious people have never been wrong about technology.
Now we'll put to test that theory about how competition is the only thing that pushes Apple forward. It seems to me that Apple barely pays any attention to what their competition is doing (aside from occasionally grabbing a good idea like notifications) and just pushes forward with their own vision. If the iPad stagnates over the next two years, I guess those theories will be proven right, but I'm betting it doesn't. I'm betting the iPad continues evolving at the same pace...
Unbelievably big. Seems Steve Jobs may have had this in mind when saying "I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”
I don't necessarily disagree with most of what you wrote, but here's the problem. You're taking products that hold so much of our lives, our photos, movies, emails, personal info, etc., devices that are often the starting point for our social and work lives, devices we use to communicate with friends and family--and you're trying to compare that to Pepsi or beer?Lifestyle marketing may be a tried and true hook and Apple clearly knows how to take advantage of that approach,...
That "it's not a way of life" argument worked back in the 80s when computers just shuffled around numbers and played some really rudimentary games, but computers and mobile devices have become an inseparable part of our daily lives. They hold photos, personal information, contacts, home movies, email, voicemail, text messages, work, play, entertainment, etc. They're the starting point for half the things we do in our work and personal lives. We trade photos and movies and...
Really? Do you have some examples to share because I can't think of any.
No she wasn't. She was very specifically crediting one specific phone. And you're missing the point. She wasn't making the case that it's the best camera in its class of product. She was saying for what it is, she's impressed with it enough to recommend that people use it.
New Posts  All Forums: