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I think the new mouse is just fine. It behaves similar to its predecessor. I don't have to put batteries in it. I charge it when I am sleeping.
1. What are the compelling new features? 2. How is MS enforcing the 1 Mac per license? How difficult is it to bypass the limit?
Anecdotal and not analytical. We have 2010 iMac and $2500 just waiting.
"arch nemesis" Seriously? Similar to the USA and the Soviet Union? James Bond and [insert name here]?
Exactly.Oh, wait. Three people in the world do.The remaining 100s of millions buy phones based upon: price, brand, Apple/Android hatred/love.
I think 38/42 mm is a tad small. Samsung has a much larger diamter device at 155 mm. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K9_Thunder
Isn't douche for another orifice?
So, if Apple only sells 57M phones, then they are doomed? As someone who is not a Wall Street Analyst, I just want to make sure that I understand this.
Apple and Samsung take 75% of the market. 100% of the profits. Leaving scraps for ALL the others. That is the important takeaway from this story.
1. Why announce now? You get lost in the great CES shuffle and no one can BUY it! 2. I need a Mac OS X application in addition to iOS. I really think complete home control requires a larger screen.
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