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Apple and Samsung take 75% of the market. 100% of the profits. Leaving scraps for ALL the others. That is the important takeaway from this story.
1. Why announce now? You get lost in the great CES shuffle and no one can BUY it! 2. I need a Mac OS X application in addition to iOS. I really think complete home control requires a larger screen.
"stiff ... competition" I saw what you did there.
Screw Greenpeace. Nukes are clean energy.
"Diabetes, now even more convenient." We have a winner.
Doomed. My thought exactly.
What is this? A looking glass Macalope article?
Apple is doomed as no one is buying the new iPhones and inventory piles up in stores. See how easy that was.
What both sides are doing is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anchoring
New Posts  All Forums: