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A POX on both your houses.
I think the Windows and Mac versions of Office should have the same icons. It helps with Microsoft's branding and these very different icons do not.
It does not look like an Archos 5. I would be willing to believe that Archos designed it specifically for Dell as it is very close in specs and appearance to the Archos 5. See http://www.archos.com/products/imt/archos_5/specs.html I would be willing to believe that Archos designed it for Dell as Archos stock price has not cratered, but is up over the last few months. See http://www.euronext.com/trader/summa...&selectedMep=1
Apple has 72% of the gaijin phone OS market.
Gizmodo will make way more that $5K in increased ad revenue today and tomorrow.....
With iPads still available in some stores, it looks like the iPad is flop. Difficult to imagine anyone other than a few Apple fanboys buying this overpriced toy. There, I wrote Paul Thurrott's column for him.
Having skipped the "upgrade" to CS4 as it would have cost our 2-person company $1200, my only question is: how much? I don't care about improvements as I sure there are some. I just care about the cost.
this is good
Lots of info in the 10Qhttp://yahoo.brand.edgar-online.com/...Ys-H6EB3b0ShX7
Apple bought SuperPaint from Adobe and is releasing a new version.
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