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The thermostat is useless to me. What I need is a device that let's me track: water, gas, electricity on an hourly basis.
Where is the retina display version? I am waiting here with a 3.4 year old iMac. Waiting.
"As for the keys, that could be a small town thing." Houston is a small town? Compared to Shanghai, I guess so.
Why did this irresponsible father leave: 1. his keys in the car 2. his kid in the car ?
Maybe it is just an engineering exercise design to mess with our heads.
Not "has made only $853 million". Has grossed only $853M. The problem is that "made" can mean gross revenue or net profit.
My wife and I own an iPad and an Ipad Mini. We refer to them as the Maxi Pad and the Tampon.
Given how tainted the Windows brand is, I found the headline to be to totally wrong. I read it as "iOS is the new loser".
Let's do the math. 8.6 x 10^3 iPads x $6.0 x 10^2 = $5.2M Save $2M/year in fuel. Save $M/year in disability costs. Bingo!
Ooh. I love patting bicycles.
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