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What about Windows Phone? What about Steve Ballmer's kids? Did no one survey them?
Way more exciting than a new iPad.
Beautiful. Elegant. Gorgeous.
CueCat is coming back? Oh, joy.
Whatever. How many people actually BUY a phone based on benchmarks? One or three?
The thermostat is useless to me. What I need is a device that let's me track: water, gas, electricity on an hourly basis.
Where is the retina display version? I am waiting here with a 3.4 year old iMac. Waiting.
"As for the keys, that could be a small town thing." Houston is a small town? Compared to Shanghai, I guess so.
Why did this irresponsible father leave: 1. his keys in the car 2. his kid in the car ?
Maybe it is just an engineering exercise design to mess with our heads.
New Posts  All Forums: