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"first five days that proceeded" should be "first five days that followed"
Really slow (did I say SLOW) website. Flash! What happened to Silverlight? I hate all Flash websites.
I hope that was a joke.
I don't either.OK, I understand if Leopard is coming out next week and you don't really need a new computer, then wait.But, why wait longer than that.1. You really don't want to upgrade an existing machine with Leopard on announcement day. Do you? Not me. Great fear of not working.2. Leopard is not expensive. $199 for the family pack works out to $40/machine in my house. This is peanuts compared to how much Adobe is charging me.,daveP.S. Took delivery of my new shiny...
Some of us just want to know where the Sims and their Archologies are?
Uh, no it has not. Previous 24-inch iMac -- "Weight: 24.7 pounds (11.2 kg)" New 24-inch iMac -- "Weight: 25.4 pounds (11.5 kg)" The new one is HEAVIER.
Me too. Very excited. Don't play games so the graphics card debate (bitching) is meaningless to me. 1 GHz means a lot. Intel (and therefore Parallels/Fusion) means a lot.
"Top-end will hopefully ship with 2GB RAM." I hope not. I don't want to pay for 2GB that I will throw away and replace with 3 or 4 GB (depending upon CPU support). I would prefer a high-end machine with MAX RAM or none at all.
What I see in the posted article is BLOAT. I am shocked to see a delay in a MS release.
"These go to eleven" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/This_is_Spinal_Tap
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