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"These go to eleven" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/This_is_Spinal_Tap
Slash, You are going to rot in Greenpeace Hell for writing "contain minute amounts of mercury, the new LED-lit panels are free of the potentially harmful toxin." /sarcasm ,dave
I have the perfect application for a 20-inch iMac. I just need to have it be VESA mountable.
1. " For twenty-five years, Trillium Asset Management Corporation has been the leader in socially responsible investing. We are guided by a belief that active investing can offer good returns to the investor, while also promoting social and economic justice." Source: http://www.trilliuminvest.com/Visiting their website I can not determine how much money they manage.2. "EFA focuses on four different types of socially responsible investing....Shareholder Activism: Taking,...
Yahoo! Music! on my Zune! I can't wait.
My wife's iPod Shuffle (1 GB) has approximately 3 hours of music on it. All of it is 256 kbps.
Made me laugh this morning. Very good.
This "Four out of five computers within the workplace are not adequately equipped to make the jump to Microsoft's Vista operating system based on the software maker's stated requirements, one study shows." is not news. And, it is irrelevant to Vista's uptake and Microsoft's profits. Business do not upgrade their computers. They buy new ones. (By the way, the same is true for 90+% of consumers.) When the computers are replaced with new ones, the new ones will be...
The OP wrote: "Nevertheless, the sales will prove a potential barrier to Apple's own quest for a greater piece of the market." What?! or What!? (I still wish that Time magazine had been able to make the interbang popular.) Vista sales have no relevance to Mac OS X sales. You can't avoid Vista if you are buying a new computer. (Yes, I know that you can still get XP installed, but you have to work at it if you are a consumer standing in the store.) Apple is 3% (at...
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