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Yahoo! Music! on my Zune! I can't wait.
My wife's iPod Shuffle (1 GB) has approximately 3 hours of music on it. All of it is 256 kbps.
Made me laugh this morning. Very good.
This "Four out of five computers within the workplace are not adequately equipped to make the jump to Microsoft's Vista operating system based on the software maker's stated requirements, one study shows." is not news. And, it is irrelevant to Vista's uptake and Microsoft's profits. Business do not upgrade their computers. They buy new ones. (By the way, the same is true for 90+% of consumers.) When the computers are replaced with new ones, the new ones will be...
The OP wrote: "Nevertheless, the sales will prove a potential barrier to Apple's own quest for a greater piece of the market." What?! or What!? (I still wish that Time magazine had been able to make the interbang popular.) Vista sales have no relevance to Mac OS X sales. You can't avoid Vista if you are buying a new computer. (Yes, I know that you can still get XP installed, but you have to work at it if you are a consumer standing in the store.) Apple is 3% (at...
Looks like our friends in France http://phbrodu.free.fr/files/62f270e...9397c-696.html are claiming:Garage Band Pro requires Leopard
What, no Zune compatibility? I am so disappointed. I thought that I would soon be able to go running (well, walking, in my case) and squirt tunes at others in the park.
Apple: 1. Strong vision. Whether you agree with it or not. Whether we even know what it is. Apple has one. 2. iPhone arrives in a few months. 3. iPhone buzz is off the charts. Motorola+Palm: 1. Digestion problems. Mot lays off all the admin people and then half the engineers walk out the door. Bottom line: no forward progress for months and months. 2. Digestion problems: Palm and Mot engineers fight over whose vision is better. Bottom line: Years of no...
Not good for our household. My wife (the iPod lover) wants even more storage. I think her preference would be for 200+ GB. Movies. Lots of movies and TV shows.
"Hello, I'm a Mac," "And I'm a PC," "And I'm a Beatle"...... Mac: I listen to music using iTunes and my iPod. PC: And, I listen to music using iTunes and my iPod. I am not all about just "business", you know. Beatle (played by Paul himself): And, now the entire catalog of Beatles songs is available exclusively at the iTunes Store. Enter from stage left, Ringo Starr: What do you think of my new iPod in Submarine Yellow? All exit to Yellow Submarine.
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