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Maybe it is just an engineering exercise design to mess with our heads.
Not "has made only $853 million". Has grossed only $853M. The problem is that "made" can mean gross revenue or net profit.
My wife and I own an iPad and an Ipad Mini. We refer to them as the Maxi Pad and the Tampon.
Given how tainted the Windows brand is, I found the headline to be to totally wrong. I read it as "iOS is the new loser".
Let's do the math. 8.6 x 10^3 iPads x $6.0 x 10^2 = $5.2M Save $2M/year in fuel. Save $M/year in disability costs. Bingo!
Ooh. I love patting bicycles.
This is not even worth writing about. Best Buy will be out of business soon.
"Tim Cook hints that Apple plans to redefine the television set" is misleading. A better headline would be "...redefine the TV experience"
Are there any DATA to justify Windows growing its share? Methinks not.
border="0"> ? Seriously? Have you not hear of CSS?
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