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I would agree about the Metro interface. When Windows 8 lands on desktops in corporations, the screams are going to be insane. I just installed Windows 8 (under VMware Fusion) and played with for about 1/2 hour. It was a very frustrating experience. This is my personal opinion: the transition from Windows XP/7 to Mac OS X will be easier for most people than the move to Windows 8.  
Amazon and Target are competitors. Amazon Prime is directed straight at the Target customer.
Import about 10K Chinese workers and that will fix this.  
Who likes the idea of an "indie" biopic? I want an Indian biopic with some big Bollywood dance numbers.
OMFG I am calling my lawyer (who prefers to be called an attorney for some dumbshit reason) right now.
The iPad is an iPad. I hate the "equivalence word" tablet.
I think that Apple left money on the table. Would a price of $8 changed anyone's purchase decision? I think that demand is price inelastic under $10 for software of this quality and usefulness.
45nm process Other products are being manufactured at 28nm and 22nm. So, how more do we get when the iPad/iPhone processors are made with these narrow widths? Exponential progress really hurts the brain.
"the beleaguered software store" Daniel, You scalawag you. ,dave
Here, let me name this boat anchor after you.
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