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Who likes the idea of an "indie" biopic? I want an Indian biopic with some big Bollywood dance numbers.
OMFG I am calling my lawyer (who prefers to be called an attorney for some dumbshit reason) right now.
The iPad is an iPad. I hate the "equivalence word" tablet.
I think that Apple left money on the table. Would a price of $8 changed anyone's purchase decision? I think that demand is price inelastic under $10 for software of this quality and usefulness.
45nm process Other products are being manufactured at 28nm and 22nm. So, how more do we get when the iPad/iPhone processors are made with these narrow widths? Exponential progress really hurts the brain.
"the beleaguered software store" Daniel, You scalawag you. ,dave
Here, let me name this boat anchor after you.
1. Make that "former" Apple employee. 2. Color me "disappointed". a. No RS-232C port. I have a dot-matrix printer. b. No HDMi port. Want to connect to my TV for a larger screen. c. No support for Flash. "delivers breakthrough Web experiences to over 99% of Internet users" d. No new shape. How will people at Starbucks know that I using the 3 instead of the 2?
Let me see if I understand this. "Android reach 55% penetration" but "iOS dominates mobile shopping with 92% of market". So, Android users are under performing. They do 55% of the penetrations, but only 8% of the ejaculations. Those Android fanboys need to step up their game.
They actually sold 150K Playbooks. To whom? How may idiots are there in the world?
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