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Who actually buys printers and hard drives at/in/from the Apple Store? All software should move to the download model. (Well, maybe not Adobe as way too often you need the damn discs for CS).
Does this manage all the fonts in Adobe CS? Does this manage all the fonts in MS Office? If not, then, whatever.
junk without the influence of Steve's RDF?
Apple is trying to create/enhance technologies so that others cannot even come close to duplicating Apple's products. Think MagSafe connector. Think LiquidMetal, this battery R&D.
There was a time when DELL actually delivered products and kicked ass. Not today. Vaporware.
Inquiring minds want to know.
I could not resist.Writing about features in the upcoming iPad 2 is a waste of time. (Don't tell Danial Eran Dilger that.)Steve will announce it (and its features) when he is ready to have us buy it.And, a vibrator makes more sense than a Light Peak port.
Women, worldwide, excited.
half-baked? The Google video meant nothing to me. Funky music and lots of images, but how does is make my life better?
I started using this months ago.
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