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half-baked? The Google video meant nothing to me. Funky music and lots of images, but how does is make my life better?
I started using this months ago.
Their sales forecast is way off. 80M in 2015 and not 44M is my belief. And, no people won't buy a new iPad (and some other tablets, LOL) EVERY year, but they will do it EVERY OTHER year. I don't buy a new iMac every year, but I do buy one every 2-2.5 years as the new features are cool and I justify it for my business.
Wrong! You can get a 2-year print subscription for $24.http://landofmags.com/usersearch.asp...O=21139&CAT1=7 So, emag at $120 or paper at $24? We report, you decide.
Sorry. Could not resist.
Queer City ?
in the 55+ market with many of us old farts "unsure". Having owned a Samsung "feature" phone and now my hand-me-down iPhone 3G, I find the iPhone extremely easy to use. It is the perfect phone (aside from costs (purchase + monthly) for "seniors".
Doomed, I tell you, doomed. This fascination with market share (by definition, a zero-sum game) is just silly. I know it generates page views, but let's be serious. What counts is selling stuff at a profit.
OMG! Short AAPL¡ This will affect Apple's bottom line by 0.000001%. (For you nerds out there (I resemble that condition), please don't take the 10**-7 exactly. However, if you want to calculate the exact impact on Apple as opposed to my semi-random number (for hype purposes), then be my guest.
Did you miss the sarcasm mark after wins?
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