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junk without the influence of Steve's RDF?
Apple is trying to create/enhance technologies so that others cannot even come close to duplicating Apple's products. Think MagSafe connector. Think LiquidMetal, this battery R&D.
There was a time when DELL actually delivered products and kicked ass. Not today. Vaporware.
Inquiring minds want to know.
I could not resist.Writing about features in the upcoming iPad 2 is a waste of time. (Don't tell Danial Eran Dilger that.)Steve will announce it (and its features) when he is ready to have us buy it.And, a vibrator makes more sense than a Light Peak port.
Women, worldwide, excited.
half-baked? The Google video meant nothing to me. Funky music and lots of images, but how does is make my life better?
I started using this months ago.
Their sales forecast is way off. 80M in 2015 and not 44M is my belief. And, no people won't buy a new iPad (and some other tablets, LOL) EVERY year, but they will do it EVERY OTHER year. I don't buy a new iMac every year, but I do buy one every 2-2.5 years as the new features are cool and I justify it for my business.
Wrong! You can get a 2-year print subscription for $24.http://landofmags.com/usersearch.asp...O=21139&CAT1=7 So, emag at $120 or paper at $24? We report, you decide.
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