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Doomed, I tell you, doomed. This fascination with market share (by definition, a zero-sum game) is just silly. I know it generates page views, but let's be serious. What counts is selling stuff at a profit.
OMG! Short AAPL¡ This will affect Apple's bottom line by 0.000001%. (For you nerds out there (I resemble that condition), please don't take the 10**-7 exactly. However, if you want to calculate the exact impact on Apple as opposed to my semi-random number (for hype purposes), then be my guest.
Did you miss the sarcasm mark after wins?
It can't last as "Apple is closed" and we all know that "open" wins¡ Just wait until the Windows Phone 7 arrives. And, the CrackPad. And, the HP Slate. And, netbooks will destroy overpriced MacBooks.
it will take over the enterprise market¡
Procter & Gamble will sell more packages of Pringles than Apple will sell units of iPads. Shocking. Film at 11 or 10 or 9 depending upon your time zone and viewing habits.
ASP down by 3%. Run for the exits¡
I am only going to upgrade from 2008 to 2011 if some Windows' user sends me a file that REQUIRES 2001 to open.
Exactly. And, if you believe this forecast, then OMG! Time to short AAPL¡
New Apple Shit. Let the speculating commence.
New Posts  All Forums: