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Exactly. And, if you believe this forecast, then OMG! Time to short AAPL¡
New Apple Shit. Let the speculating commence.
No kidding. Whatever.
When did Apple start selling candy?
it were expressed as a mathematical statement.
Ordered early. Arrived in perfect condition.
the sticky plaster Seriously, get a life.
I read the entire article BEFORE I noticed who wrote. But, when I go to the end, I thought: only Daniel could have written this. San Francisco is the most dysfunctional city I know of. And, I love to visit as a tourist. But, the idiotic laws that both the Board and the citizens pass are just insane.
1. While the USA and most of Europe are feeling the pain of economic recessions, the rest of the world is not. 2. All over the world, on average, incomes are rising. More and more people move into both the middle and upper class every day. Sure, the average income in many countries is low, but if India has 1% of its population move into the middle class, how many people is that? 3. On average, real per-capita income in the USA has doubled every 50 years. It is doing...
We joke about UPS and FedEx delivering more AS (Apple shit). Yes, the wife and I are fanboys.
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