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If the new UI is resolution independent, then the icons would have to be redrawn. Will they change the design of the icons though? I doubt it.
It's spam-filter poison. It's designed (as nonsensical as it looks) to confuse your spam-filter, so that eventually your spam-filter will be marking enough legit emails for you to stop filtering for spam. Hence resulting in you actually reading some spam. I'm not sure what to do about these, but I'd guess that you should delete them outright and not mark them as spam.
Took this photograph while running around London with my University's Photo Society last year. Found a random building and placed my point and click camera against it. This has been my wallpaper on and off since then.
Silent PC Review gives dBA ratings for the machines they review, although they have only reviewed a single Apple machine. I would get something that is designed for use in a home theatre. An Xserve isn't designed for a quiet home environment, although it'll probably be fine in one.
Finder seems a lot more unstable. Crashed twice already, once when moving files between drive images and once when burning a DVD-R. Not noticed anything else with this update. (PowerBook G4 15" 2GB RAM 1.67GHz CPU low-res screen)
I recently upgraded my 1.67GHz PowerBook's RAM from 512MiB to 2GiB. It doesn't make the machine faster, but it makes everything a lot more smooth. The dashboard is now useable. You can hit F12 and it appears instantly, rather than the 2-5 second wait I experienced previously. No delays, pauses or spinning beachballs in Firefox, Thunderbird or iTunes. No lag with Exposé when running intensive applications. I'd say it makes enough difference to make it worth the money.
What?! I thought "Pret a Mangers" were an American invention that's turned every street in London into the following:-
I registered about two months before I bought my PowerBook just to confirm I was doing the right thing.
I've been reading up on the differences between the Nikon D70s and Canon 30D and there is no real difference other than price and lens compatibility. I read that with an converter you can use Nikon lens on a Canon camera, but you cannot do the reverse. Given that you already have a feel for Canon cameras over Nikon ones, I'd go for the former. The built-in flash on any camera is near-useless anyway. (I may be biased, because I've already decided to save up for a...
Does anyone know any information about this watch:- I haven't been able to find any information on it. I like the mix of analogue and digital together with the black frame. Hence I want one, but I don't know what to look for.
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