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"...gated behind a cable or satellite subscription." Delete.
I'll actually look forward to paying them for their content. They should have a "retire the eyepatch" campaign.
If I never see an OnSwipe-enabled site again, it'll be too soon.
I think it's called "Showtime Anyti…"
The Safari tab refresh thing drives me up a tree. I'd upgrade to a new iPad if they just solved that.
These features are exactly what makes Waze useful now (as it mentions in the article), but I’ll definitely look forward to Apple’s take on it. Waze’s interface is a bit sketchy.
Tab refreshes are a real killer, especially when you%u2019re trying to copy content from one tab to another, and the second tab refreshes while you%u2019re copying. Argh.
 Should be “Microsoft-like joystick design.” Not interested. (And if the majority of non-MS game systems use symmetrical sticks, shouldn’t asymmetrical be described as “atypical”?)
As I said, my comment was a vote, just as yours is. I had to register it though, right? As for how people play games, your trouble is that you’re confusing your opinion for facts. I (thought I) avoided this whole line of criticism by explaining my opinion as opinion. Ah well, but this is the net — trolls gotta troll. (I won’t reply on the matter after this post.)
Asymmetrical sticks = no go, for me.   I’ve been told on more than one occasion that Microsoft fans (what are they doing on an Apple board?) tend to prefer asymmetrical sticks, just because that’s what they’re used to. Fine. But if just one hardware developer sees this comment as a vote against, I’ll have done my job. My thumbs are symmetrical — well, mostly — so give me symmetrical sticks. That is all.
New Posts  All Forums: