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Call me an idiot, but I can't figure out how to get ApplePay to work %u2014 and I'm only in my 40s. I actually have used it several times, but I only got it to work by accident, both times differently. (It's like of the steering wheel was in a different place each time you got in the car.) Ideally I could hold my (off) phone up to something, and it would be done without user interaction. But no. Instead, you either have to touch the Apple ID button%u2026 or press it%u2026...
A corporation's stance is its own prerogative, sure (within certain limits). I'm the opposite of a conservative, but I tend to let these things shake out before commenting or deciding how I feel… if I feel anything at all. But I'm definitely not reading this comment thread, only replies to my original post. I won't get sucked in. ;)
Hey, I played on the side of ebola in Plague, Inc. So clearly my moral compass is askew. ;)
Yeah, I know European restrictions are more stringent. I understand Apple's (evolving) stance on the matter.
Maybe they'll replace Hitler with a teletubby. (Actually, that might be more offensive to some.) Maybe just the word, "Hitler."
Does the iOS version of Wolfenstein 3D still have the Nazi flag? Actually, I don't care about flags or symbols, but that's speaking from privilege. I know it means a lot to some, and half of them I empathize with, and the other half are goons.
%u201CShare sheet%u201D is becoming a misnomer %u2014 I%u2019d never think to look there for %u201Cfind on page%u201D or %u201Crequest desktop site.%u201D Is it becoming a bucket for %u201Cthings we didn%u2019t know where else to put%u201D?
"...gated behind a cable or satellite subscription." Delete.
I'll actually look forward to paying them for their content. They should have a "retire the eyepatch" campaign.
If I never see an OnSwipe-enabled site again, it'll be too soon.
New Posts  All Forums: