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Same thing I have been thinking since I saw the launch. I'll take the little bit of extra weight. Let me keep the SD, USB ports, and mag connect. I have one peripheral, and thats the ethernet dongle (which I personally, rarely use). I don't want to carry anything else. I hope their future laptops don't follow this single port model.
Are the people who are against this law familiar, that it follows a US supreme court decision? Are they also aware its previously, and currently, in 16 other states? I'm not for or against it, but I'm for people being aware of the facts. Find it kind of strange they are concentrating on Indiana.
Biggest question I keep asking myself, is will I want to be wearing this watch 10 years from now? Might be a bit outdated, firmware, software, and stylewise by then. Might not make a difference for the $300 watches, but sure does with their luxury watches. I've been wearing the same Rolex Submariner for the last 30 years. Guess I am old fashioned.
Has anyone else wondered if the 12 inch iPad, and 12 inch Air is one in the same? If they are really looking for something new, would they ever consider a touch screen and a *gasp* stylus?
Yeah I'm beginning to wonder if the rumors of the 12 inch iPad, and the 12 inch air, are one and the same.
Man, if its as thin and slippery as the iPhone 6, I would have to immediately get some type of silicone covering. Fortunately, most of the case/covers for iPads solve that issue. Even with a nice thin Griffin Reveal case on my 6, I find it more difficult to type as its so THIN! I'm probably gonna find a gummier/thicker case for the 6.
#1. Who in their right mind would purposely bend a phone like this, after paying the bucks. #2. If you buy a 6+ , why would anyone put it in their back pocket, or for that matter, in their front pocket! Its freakin huge. I don't remember EVER putting my phone in the back pocket of any variety of pants I wear. Not iPhones, not Blackberries, not even my Palms or my Palm Treos. Wonder if he got a bit of sponsorship from Samsung on this. Not like they haven't pulled these...
Those that don't like cases, perhaps you haven't held an iPhone 6 yet. Did you see that video of that guy dropping his as soon as he got it out of the box? Its so thin, and slippery, its insane. Get a case, with some grip. I stuck with the Griffin case, simple, clean, with grip.
Well, our local Apple store generally is packed, on slow days. The Much larger Microsoft store generally has 2-3 customers in the store at most. And, its expensive rent in that high level mall. I imagine thats gonna be similar in NYC.
Not gonna fit the new iPhone 6 in a couple of months.
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