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What iWatch? Guess I missed the announcement.
I'm hoping we can still keep the photos local (with backups of course), and not be forced to upload them to the cloud. For many reasons, I still don't like keeping personal photos in the cloud. Not that there are any overtly sensitive pics on there (too old for that these days), but I worry about hacking, security issues, etc, with pics of grandchildren, lifestyle, personal possessions, and especially gps enabled pics. Thats why I turned all that stuff off on flickr. (and...
Very simple. If the larger one has it, and the smaller one doesn't, why even switch from my 5? I'll wait. I hope Apple doesn't do something like this. Would be a big buzz killer.
How thin do we need the phone? I for one actually prefer a touch of heft.
No, actually, I'm complaining that applications we rely on, may not be supported for some time, by the software vendors. Similar to what happened with some of the Adobe apps, and what happened to Quicken, when the OS could no longer support PowerPC apps. What were we told in that year or two before they re-supported (or rather supported) the newest OS10? The vendors told us to switch to windows. Doubt that would happen these days. However, we are stuck (for good or bad)...
There are still IT departments out there, that refuse to support Mac. Anyone in the corporate world knows this. At this time, either remotely or via Parallels etc. To give this up, would be not only irritating, but for me, a terrible choice. How many remember not being able to use PowerPC native apps when the OS switches took place? This would be equally as bad. It would cause me to not buy a new mac, for the first time in over 25 years.
Thing is, I'm not sure Google is the kind of company that hires PR firms to push this stuff. In the past, not been their style. Well, maybe Eric would. I have a feeling someone else is pushing the agenda. Wonder who.
I had a Classic for a while, but sold it and purchased a used SE30 instead. Used it for quite some time, till I bought a 7600.
Not to make Steve turn over in his grave, but a stylus with a finer tip would be cool for the larger one. Personally, I think I would choose the 4.7. I don't need a big chunk in my pocket.
I really hate subscription models. If its something you are using daily for work, and/or your work is paying for it, so be it. Guess I don't fit that model.
New Posts  All Forums: