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There are still IT departments out there, that refuse to support Mac. Anyone in the corporate world knows this. At this time, either remotely or via Parallels etc. To give this up, would be not only irritating, but for me, a terrible choice. How many remember not being able to use PowerPC native apps when the OS switches took place? This would be equally as bad. It would cause me to not buy a new mac, for the first time in over 25 years.
Thing is, I'm not sure Google is the kind of company that hires PR firms to push this stuff. In the past, not been their style. Well, maybe Eric would. I have a feeling someone else is pushing the agenda. Wonder who.
I had a Classic for a while, but sold it and purchased a used SE30 instead. Used it for quite some time, till I bought a 7600.
Not to make Steve turn over in his grave, but a stylus with a finer tip would be cool for the larger one. Personally, I think I would choose the 4.7. I don't need a big chunk in my pocket.
I really hate subscription models. If its something you are using daily for work, and/or your work is paying for it, so be it. Guess I don't fit that model.
Perhaps they should have a recycle bin setup, or many of them, for the athletes to dump their Samsungs so they can use their iPhones without a piece of tape LOL.
Not interested in this one.
Only very rarely. Sometimes it asks for it the zip code on those scanners at the cash register, however they sometimes ask to see the CC, so they can verify the security code. Usually with my amex, they never ask for anything. Below $50 most places, I never even have to sign.
I have to enter my zip code, on every Amex transaction at the gas pumps. That guy suing Amex and the oil companies too?
Not Junk. Nest is a forward looking quality product. May not be long till they are no longer sold in the Apple stores.
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