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Ok, so where is the news about Facebook putting cookies on your browser, even if you don't use Facebook?
I like Woz. He is definitely his own person, and loves trying out different technology. One must remember however, he wanted to stick with the Apple ll platform, and wasn't really for the Mac. He is a geek, an engineer. But.....its one of those......what has he done for me lately kind of questions.
Can you say "TROLL?"  Guess you haven't read the reviews. I won't be getting one, Don't need the power or graphics. But, I know some graphic designers that are head over heels on this machine.
I just watched one of the Orbitz execs on CNBC. CNBC brought up the fact there was a huge backlash going on, and the exec said they were going to continue using their superior technology, to give users the best experience. Another example of companies not listening to their customers, until its too late. HELLO, ever heard of New Coke, or Netflix?
Has the Times checked out the workers at Amazon warehouses? They talk about Verizon and ATT store workers, and the fact they get commission, but of course those workers have many other phones to sell, and are given bonuses to sell particular devices. And what about the old school choice, "if you don't like your job, get a different job!" Its not like these folks would be leaving $100,000 jobs. Its freakin retail! Go get a different retail job!
Fortunately, I was able to find one of the previous Plug In N expresses, new on Amazon. I far preferred the plug in version, rather than this one with a wire. I use mine as an extender, and my old one was a "g"
You are SO right.
Just so I can keep Facebook turned off, deleted, sandboxed or whatever, so none of my info is EVER shared with them.
Time Capsule is a wifi router, as well as a storage device. He said he was connecting his apple TV via ethernet, to one of the ethernet ports on the Time Capsule, hence it is not via wifi. Should be a solid fast connection.
Because streaming is not profitable for them at present. Costs are too high still. The profitable portion of their business is their DVD delivery business, and they are hinting at getting away from that. Go figure. NO one can replicate their infrastructure to deliver high quality BluRay via mail or any other way, and they are abandoning it.
New Posts  All Forums: