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Fortunately, I was able to find one of the previous Plug In N expresses, new on Amazon. I far preferred the plug in version, rather than this one with a wire. I use mine as an extender, and my old one was a "g"
You are SO right.
Just so I can keep Facebook turned off, deleted, sandboxed or whatever, so none of my info is EVER shared with them.
Time Capsule is a wifi router, as well as a storage device. He said he was connecting his apple TV via ethernet, to one of the ethernet ports on the Time Capsule, hence it is not via wifi. Should be a solid fast connection.
Because streaming is not profitable for them at present. Costs are too high still. The profitable portion of their business is their DVD delivery business, and they are hinting at getting away from that. Go figure. NO one can replicate their infrastructure to deliver high quality BluRay via mail or any other way, and they are abandoning it.
Doesn't matter though, if you only have one or two choices for internet, and its not up to FIOS quality. Not everyone has a stellar broadband connection. Whats worse is, mark my word. Your isp will soon start capping broadband usage, and give you a choice of different tiers, if you want to stream. All of a sudden, streaming videos will not be such a great deal. This is coming soon, watch it coming over the hill.
I think without a doubt, there is some credence to the greeter as security comment.
My father was in the Restaurant business for over 40 years. He only finished the 9th grade, cause thats the way it was done in the Ozarks in 1929. However, he had one very wise saying....."small restaurants full, make a LOT more money than big restaurants half full." He also was proud that he never ever laid any employees off :)
Yup, the stores were designed originally with no one at the door, and the register in back. Things have changed now, and they need to re-think the layout. Some of the stores have indeed changed, but the greeter at the door is kind of a pain. I usually just blow them off and go back and check for what I want. Maybe the day will come if you blow off the greeter, alarms and bells sound like you are leaving the store with an iPad under your jacket, but I hope not.
There is indeed one way that MS can make inroads on the iPad, and its disturbing and may end up in the court system. Recently, there have been news reports that MS is not going to allow certain apps allowing windows on iPads, unless there is a huge licensing fee. This would cause some problems with Office, etc, and citrix apps remotely accessing Windows on corporate servers. This is not a good thing. Lets see how this develops over time, because our company was...
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