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There is indeed one way that MS can make inroads on the iPad, and its disturbing and may end up in the court system. Recently, there have been news reports that MS is not going to allow certain apps allowing windows on iPads, unless there is a huge licensing fee. This would cause some problems with Office, etc, and citrix apps remotely accessing Windows on corporate servers. This is not a good thing. Lets see how this develops over time, because our company was...
I far prefer the flexibility, and advanced technology of the iPhone, but..........I must admit, I miss my BB keyboard.
Frankly, the Office issue is minor to eliminating the ability to access office's computers with Citrix or some other VPN type service.
I smell another Lawsuit coming. It's pretty clear this is going to raise some monopoly/anti competition flags. However.....Apple these days may want to show they can get along just fine without Microsoft. Only problem with that thinking, is I am sure, this is going to be a big fly in the ointment for our company to roll out Citrix access for iPads. We are currently in beta testing to access our work computers from iPads. Androids and future Windows devices at present,...
Yup, they all want to sell Mac anti virus software, which would NOT have stopped this from happening. Best possible thing they can do is have software that will remove these kinds of things after they become known.
Yeah, this whole thing remains a bit fishy to me. I don't doubt there is something out there, but still, fishy fishy fishy.
I'm sorry. Something here seems mighty suspicious. Russian security firm, trojan virus, servers they have to monitor, and then they have a tool where they can check your computer, but receive its identification numbers? I far prefer just checking to see if the virus is there, and updating the computer. I am not totally convinced there is not some collaboration here, to sell antivirus software. I guess I am just naturally suspicious.
I seriously doubt this new item will be an iPad mini. However, it wouldn't surprise me at all if its a new iPod touch.
Facebook doesn't want your money. They want all of your private information, so they can sell it to ad buyers!
Interesting to see some other folks deleting instagram. Thats the first thing I did when I read this. I have no interest in having any of my photos being available on Facebook. These days, there is no way you can be 100% private, but at least you can try to stop the obvious.
New Posts  All Forums: