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Facebook doesn't want your money. They want all of your private information, so they can sell it to ad buyers!
Interesting to see some other folks deleting instagram. Thats the first thing I did when I read this. I have no interest in having any of my photos being available on Facebook. These days, there is no way you can be 100% private, but at least you can try to stop the obvious.
Wow, thats a lot of movies, if they are shrunk down to smartphone size! Usually, if I am traveling, I am planning on doing something else besides watching movies. Thats over 64 movies properly encoded for an iPhone!
All these many tablets being announced by all the different makers, reminds me of the phrase "if you throw crap against the wall, some will stick."
I assume one can connect via wifi, with an iPhone personal Hot Spot. Of course, thats not 4g, but its pretty useable. I will only get a wifi iPad, and hope the next iPhone offers 4g hotspot, for when I need it. (like I do now)
But how many fart apps does one need on Android?
Some of these people behind these movements, clearly need something responsible and constructive in their life. My standard suggestion is.....get a job, make sure your parents are reimbursed for the years of sacrifice they went through to send you to school. Next, start concentrating locally, on things you CAN make a difference in. Volunteer at community centers, Tutor, deliver meals on wheels, etc etc. Can you tell I have a short fuse with these folks? IF you don't...
Two questions. One, what would these folks be doing, if they were not at Foxconn? Harvesting rice? Working at a less desirable electronics manufacturer? Two, I keep hearing some folks mention them being paid a reasonable living wage. Um.....has anyone heard what the average wage in China is currently? Do they know these folks make like 3 times that amount? Living and fair wages in China, are MUCH less than what they are in the US. Why do folks think these things...
I wonder how many Ferrari workers own one.
Being a long time (since 85 or so) mac user, past BB and current iphone user (and yes, old palm user), I never personally got the anti keyboard, and anti stylus movement. I far preferred, and still prefer, the physical keyboard on the blackberry, to the soft keyboard on the iPhone. I also FAR prefer the os and usability of the iPhone! I just wish I had the option of a physical keyboard. That said, whats wrong with a stylus? Its far more accurate than a finger, and is...
New Posts  All Forums: