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Are you forgetting Google owns Motorola now?
Looking at this from a business perspective, which fortunately, or unfortunately, is the way I look at about every thing, I think Adobe is making the right decision. Why waste R&D and assets on a technology that obviously is changing. To look at the opposite of this, look at RIM. They are continuing to waste valuable dollars on the playbook, and NOW they are saying they are going to continue their flash development. I am not much of an Adobe fan, and I was a longtime...
Ahhh yes, they are going broke aren't they.
jr, you are so TOTALLY right! When I read the story, I was going to post almost the same comment, but after reading yours, no need! Let the speculation begin
Yup, stick with MobileMe as long as possible, or at least till this fiasco gets straightened out. I had to stay with it, cause my desktop can't be upgraded to Lion, cause I need my old Quicken. My Air has Lion on it, but I am keeping MobileMe for now. I ain't fixin what ain't broke at present.
Anyone else remember how angry Steve Jobs was, at the fiasco that happened with Mobile Me a few years ago? He would not be happy at this. My guess is neither is Cook. Sounds like they needed to bake iCloud a bit longer, to make sure it was ready to eat.
I know they believe that streaming is the way to go, but there are some major competitors out there right now, and will be more later bidding up those movie prices. And THEN the isp's and cable companys who sell us their bandwidth every month, are gonna want their pound of flesh as they see their bandwidth costs increasing. Next, passing those costs on to the consumer. If they start treating their "Quickster" as the red headed step child, they are gonna kill the goose...
So, still waiting for an update to Quicken 2007.
Didn't then, do now. Clarification is understood.
Sorry, you need to do some research. BB OS is based on Java, not flash. BB OS doesn't even support flash. Their new QNX system is supposed to (on their tablet) but from what I understand, is pretty inept at it.
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