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Please show me one that has online bill pay. I couldn't find one.
I looked at other alternatives, but none of the ones I checked offered online bill pay, so I stuck with the old quicken....on a machine running snow leopard. I was wanting to replace that machine, when this comes out, I can. (however with Quicken's history, I will wait for a few reviews).
Not addressed to me, but hope you dont mind if I comment. I'm sure not happy about RIM falling apart, as I was a very very satisfied BB user till about a year or so ago. Loved the keyboard, email, even liked some of their apps. AND, contrary to a lot of folks, loved the design and form factor, not to mention the durability. However, I also upgraded my iPod touch a ways back, to an iPhone 4. The touch, and the iPhone 4 was so much better for browsing, and the apps were...
Agree. I seriously doubt if that OS update will ever see the light of day.
In the past, I thought it was a good idea for HP and RIM to get together, and use WebOS on RIM's hardware. Recently however, I am beginning to wish Apple would just buy, and put RIM out of its misery, and take over RIM's secure corporate networks, ditch the playbook (maybe a 7 inch iPad out of the playbook) and have at least ONE smartphone, ala BB 9900 series, with iOS, and RIM's lovely keyboard. Yeah, its a stretch, but one can dream. (disclaimer, long time BB user in...
I watched the streaming version of RIM's Developer's conference a few months ago. I was hoping to see some shred of positive news, regarding their phones. Nothing. All I saw was playbook, and (then it was called) BBX. Nothing about their phones. I really liked my blackberries, loved the keyboard, texting, and email. Hated doing the web on it. Shortly after that conference, the corporation I worked for made our secure email available on iOS and Android. I already had an...
But will we have the Matte screen option? One wonders who it was that was insisting on only glossy. Perhaps Steve was, who knows. (he was pretty strong willed about certain things).
This so reminds me of Steve Jobs, via reading his recent biography. Elegant Simplicity in its purest form.
Hell, I can't even hear Siri in the Apple Store in Indianapolis! (and she has a hard time hearing me)
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