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I watched the streaming version of RIM's Developer's conference a few months ago. I was hoping to see some shred of positive news, regarding their phones. Nothing. All I saw was playbook, and (then it was called) BBX. Nothing about their phones. I really liked my blackberries, loved the keyboard, texting, and email. Hated doing the web on it. Shortly after that conference, the corporation I worked for made our secure email available on iOS and Android. I already had an...
But will we have the Matte screen option? One wonders who it was that was insisting on only glossy. Perhaps Steve was, who knows. (he was pretty strong willed about certain things).
This so reminds me of Steve Jobs, via reading his recent biography. Elegant Simplicity in its purest form.
Hell, I can't even hear Siri in the Apple Store in Indianapolis! (and she has a hard time hearing me)
A funny thing happened the other day at Best Buy. I was looking at 60+ inch TV's, as I am considering replacing an older one in our Rec Room/Theater. I looked at a Samsung, then a Sharp, and an LG I believe. Just because of stuff like this, I lean more to the NON Samsung TV's. And, there is NO freakin way I would wait in a line outside an Apple store. (I would try to buy it online instead)
I guess I will reserve judgement, till facts come out. One report, means nothing. We have all seen "reports" come out that turned out to be false. Especially, when it concerns Apple, Google, or whatever. Now reports on Facebook.....I'm sure all the bad ones are true
I predict this site will be the location of the worlds largest "flash mob" smash and grab. If you are familiar with Grand Central, once you are outside, you are in the middle of a million people. Not to mention how many levels of trains and subways to make a getaway on.
Are you forgetting Google owns Motorola now?
Looking at this from a business perspective, which fortunately, or unfortunately, is the way I look at about every thing, I think Adobe is making the right decision. Why waste R&D and assets on a technology that obviously is changing. To look at the opposite of this, look at RIM. They are continuing to waste valuable dollars on the playbook, and NOW they are saying they are going to continue their flash development. I am not much of an Adobe fan, and I was a longtime...
Ahhh yes, they are going broke aren't they.
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