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I feel Apple is probably mostly in the right here, but man, I sure hope Kodak gets all this sorted out. I hope they get some management and advice, to emerge from this chapter 11 in a strong fashion. I would hate to see another icon American company totally bite the dust. Frankly, in my heart, I would like to see Apple use some of that cash they have, and their management expertise, and do some joint ventures or something, to strengthen Kodak. Everyone else is leaving...
One thing people tend to forget (perhaps they weren't born yet), was Apple sued Microsoft for Windows, and lost. Of course, some state that apple stole the gui from Parc, when actually they licensed it, for a ton of Apple stock. (look it up) Thing is, they probably should have won that suit, and didn't. I hope they win all their Android suits, but $10 per Android phone would be a nice dividend for Apple stockholders. Time will tell. I doubt if they will settle.
Oh thank GOD, the newest MS word for Mac is somewhat familiar to us long time users. In the new MS word for windows, at work, I spend a LOT of wasted time looking for simple things. They have changed the desktop so much, you can't find anything!
I don't see many people commenting about online banking with Quicken, other than the lack of it in Essentials. Personally, one of the MAJOR assets of the traditional quicken, to me, is their Quicken Bill Pay. I have used it for years, and frankly, rely on it these days. I rarely pickup a checkbook any more, unless its for an in person transaction, like a contractor. I can pay from quicken itself, almost all my bills. No need to go to my bank site, or to the payee site, I...
If I were a bettin man (and I guess I am), I would say this is a stop gap. My guess is after this, they are going to bring all the features of 06 and 07 into essentials, re-name it, and do a charged upgrade. I believe that essentials was a complete re-write, in current code.
Please show me one that has online bill pay. I couldn't find one.
I looked at other alternatives, but none of the ones I checked offered online bill pay, so I stuck with the old quicken....on a machine running snow leopard. I was wanting to replace that machine, when this comes out, I can. (however with Quicken's history, I will wait for a few reviews).
Not addressed to me, but hope you dont mind if I comment. I'm sure not happy about RIM falling apart, as I was a very very satisfied BB user till about a year or so ago. Loved the keyboard, email, even liked some of their apps. AND, contrary to a lot of folks, loved the design and form factor, not to mention the durability. However, I also upgraded my iPod touch a ways back, to an iPhone 4. The touch, and the iPhone 4 was so much better for browsing, and the apps were...
Agree. I seriously doubt if that OS update will ever see the light of day.
In the past, I thought it was a good idea for HP and RIM to get together, and use WebOS on RIM's hardware. Recently however, I am beginning to wish Apple would just buy, and put RIM out of its misery, and take over RIM's secure corporate networks, ditch the playbook (maybe a 7 inch iPad out of the playbook) and have at least ONE smartphone, ala BB 9900 series, with iOS, and RIM's lovely keyboard. Yeah, its a stretch, but one can dream. (disclaimer, long time BB user in...
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