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Ericsson has just become relevant again. One wonders however, what OS they will use.
Lets see, blocking the ipad with safari and nothing else. Oh THIS is a good idea. idiots. I don't own an iPad, but then again, I don't read the Post either, so no great loss. Hmmm, wonder if blocking one device and one browser is even legal.
I love my 9650, but this whole thing appears to be Deja Vu all over again. Remember Palm and their upgrade to various new OS's, and the years it took to take place?
Not unless the iPhone comes out with a keyboard version. I love my iphone, but for everyday business communicator use, my 9650 is superior. Oh, and our corporate email has to be on BB, not iPhones, at least at present.
I may have to end up doing that, but See doesn't support online bill pay, which is actually a problem for me. I would have to double enter everything, which is not a cool thing. I will wait to upgrade for a bit, and see if anything washes out. But so far, See seems to be the best bet.
Easy to say, but if you have 12-15 years of family finances on Quicken, pretty tuff to do.Their latest version is not compatible with the data on their old version, and is a crippled version. Moving to Windows for those files is problematic, as the converter is not 100% accurate. Myself, I am going to keep my snow leopard clone on an external HD partition, and use that only for my Quicken, until there is a clearer path.
BTW, did anyone else who either followed live blogs, or saw the video, come to the same conclusion that maybe Lion and iCloud (and iOs) is getting TOO feature rich? Hate to use this comparison, but its almost like using the latest MS word to do word processing (if you know what I mean)
What I am really worried about, is will we have to be using Lion to use iCloud? (which I assume we will) Problem is, some of us are going to have to wait to switch on one or more of our computers because of the lack of Rosetta support. I still need to use the traditional mac quicken (2006 or 2007) and plan on keeping my desktop on Snow Leopard, till a solution is offered. My Macbook Air....I can switch to Lion immediately.
I certainly hope they make this user configurable. I for one, don't wanna have my updates happening in the background on ATT, while I am online via their service. I far prefer it being done when I am under wifi, or at home synced up. Downloading OTA takes more time, and interferes (bandwidth wise) with other things you might be doing via data.
I am getting chills of Deja Vu here. Remembering when macs were 68030 chips, and were useless in mixed environments. Its ok to ditch DVD drives, and firewire, but when I am no longer able to access the VPN for my employer, its nothing but a lightweight anchor (or skipping rock). I just hope they don't let the iOS hype go completely to their head, and forget what success they have had in the last 8-10 years for folks like me, that need their computers for Biz. Oh, and...
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