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I certainly hope they make this user configurable. I for one, don't wanna have my updates happening in the background on ATT, while I am online via their service. I far prefer it being done when I am under wifi, or at home synced up. Downloading OTA takes more time, and interferes (bandwidth wise) with other things you might be doing via data.
I am getting chills of Deja Vu here. Remembering when macs were 68030 chips, and were useless in mixed environments. Its ok to ditch DVD drives, and firewire, but when I am no longer able to access the VPN for my employer, its nothing but a lightweight anchor (or skipping rock). I just hope they don't let the iOS hype go completely to their head, and forget what success they have had in the last 8-10 years for folks like me, that need their computers for Biz. Oh, and...
I prefer a bit of "heft" to my devices. Otherwise its not good for text entry etc. Also, same goes for thinness. It can be TOO thin, and TOO light. I hope they are considering that in the future.
Bit larger screen would be nice, but I hope they don't make it too much thinner. Gets much thinner, and its not comfortable to hold!
Yes, the title is completely misleading. They dropped blackberry (for whatever reason) and they were only given the choice of iPhone, Android, or Win7. Between those choices, smart people. Wonder why they didn't offer BB any more?
Yeah actually we do have a choice, put a 10.6 partition on your HD. Thing that bothers me about this whole thing, is the software makers should design their software to work on the computers. Its in THEIR best interest to make their software compatible with the latest OS. Quicken needs to be upgraded anyway. To not do so, is just plain laziness.
Yeah we have a choice. Put a partition or an external disk with 10.6 on it. If Quicken or Apple doesn't do something, we will have to.
Whoa, hold on there. You must be looking at the Windows versions of Quicken. Quicken 2007 is the last FULL version of Quicken. Any newer versions (at this time) are Quicken "lite" and are not useable for those of us who use the full versions.
The verdict is not out yet on that one either.
I think they will find, if they were charging like $25 a year, they would have 100 times the subscribers. They need to figure out, the web/internet is not like delivering pulp to the door.
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