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Insurmountable is a terrible term. Over what time frame? Its true, the iPod wiped the competition, but Android is indeed selling some phones. My guess is lots of folks will buy Android tablets, not because they are better, but because every retailer will have them. Kinda the same story about Macs and PC's back in the day. My sister still purchases a new PC about every 2 years, cause her old one craps out with viruses or poor quality. She is indeed PC ignorant. An iPad...
Simple. Set up a nice little design studio in his home town, and telecommute. Then, make a trip back quarterly, and all is happy.
Well, those of us who use Quicken 2006 or 2007 are in for a world of hurt. Those are the last "complete" versions of quicken available to us. Quicken essentials is a joke. 2006/2007 requires rosetta, and for some reason (laziness?) Quicken doesn't seem to be in much hurry to do a proper update.
4 Gig of ram upgrade is one reason. SD slot is nice now that its in the air. Much upgraded resolution, so I guess those are the main reasons I hit the bid and ordered a 13 inch for my work/travel laptop, to replace a 12 inch iBook G4.
yes, you can order 4 gigs of ram as a $100 upgrade
I am only hoping that privacy was the main issue. I deleted my facebook account about a year ago, when I started getting friend suggestions from facebook, that were in my IM lists. I have absolutely no use for the social sites. Hopefully Ping is much more private. I do see it as a way to follow musicians I am most interested in, and sure hope its never integrated with Facebook, and if so, they are not privy to Ping's user info.
Oh good grief. This is just a $99 device. Its not high end audio video. Those folks SHOULD look for other solutions.
And where are you streaming full 1080p video from now?
This reminds me of the (very true) story of a conversation we had with a beach bar owner, on Orient Beach in St Martin. He said it took him over 3 years to get a license there on the French side to open his bar. On the Dutch side, it took him 2 days.
Its nice to say and read these things, however, its not really reality. Law firms, Dr's, etc, have a say in what they can use, and many of them are using iPhones via exchange. However, I don't know of any wall street firms that allow it for their employee usage. (perhaps some executives with pull can use them). I would like to have one, but for the foreseeable future, I have to use BB's. Thats why when the 4th gen iPhone comes out, I am considering getting a 2nd phone...
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