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 Ahh yes, being developed, and with keyboards and no touch screen.
Ahh well, another phone that I will completely ignore. I'll stick to the 4 inch myself. A six inch phone is like holding a breakfast platter up to your head. Besides, I would be tired of hearing the comments on the bulge in my pants.
I hope you folks know, the real reason behind him leaving, is his boss was boning his GF.
no question in my mind, that part of the reason Windows users are not buying new computers, is many of them are on XP, and will switch to Windows 7, but if they go out and buy a new computer, they are stuck with Windows 8! And as we all know, many of the Windows users have no clue whats better, 7 or 8. They shop on price, and we all know whats cheapest.
There is always Gazelle.
Here's the way this will work IMHO. The price will be up quite a bit, when this dinner takes place. Icahn will ask for them to buy back his stake, at the current price, directly from him, instead of the open market. Will make a cool billion or 2, and will still stick Tim with the dinner tab. Totally Legit.
 Bush, Bush, Bush. You don't really understand the psyche of 14 year old girls do you! Especially Asian 14 year old girls :)
Bush Bush Bush, you just don't know many 14 year old girls do you? Especially not asian ones!
Check out the connector, this is bogus. I agree with ksec.
MS opened a new store a couple of weeks ago in Indy. They gave away hundreds of free concert tickets, to Kelly Clarkson, on a Saturday. Monday, I walked by their store at lunch. 6 people in the store, besides the staff. Down a bit, an Apple store. Probably a hundred or more people inside. Of course, MS will keep that store open as long as they want. But......why? Whats wrong with this picture?
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