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Suggesting the mention of iWatch has raised the price of Apple stock, I think is pretty poor reporting. That would hardly be a blip on Apple's earnings. I would think its more them shifting some production of chips to Taiwan Semi, and rumors of the new cheaper phones. Now, if China Mobile gets a cheaper phone......now THATS news that will be worth a pop on the stock.
Microsoft had a huge opening of their new store here in Indiana this last Saturday. Gave away concert tickets, had a Kelly Clarkson concert, etc etc. Nice big store. I was walking by it today, 2 days after its grand opening. There were 9-10 workers there, and 6 customers. Meanwhile, the Apple store in the mall, had at least 100 people in there. Whats wrong with this picture? (or right)
Only thing is, the bezel is useable. I find myself contacting the screen too much on my wife's mini. And you know what touching the screen on a touchscreen can do.
Much of the parking is underground, as stated in past articles.
So when is Samsung going to sue over this building? And is Microsoft giving out concert tickets, to get remonstrators at the meetings?
Ok, here's my problem with the voice memo app. Driving along in the car. Want to use Siri, or just tap the voice memo button. NAAAAAH. I have to put in my security password thats required by my work, that I have at the maximum time of 30 mins. Remembering the voice memo on my old BB, just hit the button and it bypassed the password lock. Voice memos are a really great way to make reminders when driving. Clicking the button on the screen, putting in your password, is just...
Apparently some of the commenters are not aware, that when deferred stock and options become vested, you owe taxes immediately. Many executives sell stock in a cashless exercise, to pay that tax liability. They may indeed, keep the rest of the shares for future use.
I keep my laptops about 4 years. I am on my 3rd Mac Laptop. (a 2010 Air). You know when the last time was I had one of my laptops repaired? Never. I did tear open my 12 inch iBook years ago, to add more ram, as I was too stupid (and cheap) to add the ram when ordering. Anyone ordering an Air, should upgrade the processor, and max out the ram when purchasing it, so it will last a few years. I'm sure some break, and need repairs, but I sure haven't had that experience....
Hope you guys get it when promised. Check back with us here with an update. I have ordered from them for "in stock" items, and have had to cancel 2 weeks later, (which they did NOT want to do, had to call Amex) because it was still not shipped, and on backorder.
I hope some of the supposed experts replying here, understand the expandability of thunderbolt ports. Including, external PCI enclosures, with any PCI device you want to throw in there.
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