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Item ordered via phone. Told item was in stock. Received email saying item was backordered. 24 days later, still not received, still not in stock. Called, asked for a refund, sent to the "salesman's" extension, left a voice mail. Sent 3 emails, no return call, no emails. Finally, called again to customer service, demanded a refund, or I was having Amex do a chargeback. Still got no action. Amex did a chargeback, and only then did MacMall send me a credit notice via...
My experience with MacMall has not been good. Caveat emptor.
Its obviously a takeoff of Warren Buffet's lunches for charity. If you have to copy, thats a great thing to copy, or take as an influence. More power to Tim, and whoever has the bucks to bid. My guess.....well over 50m. Way too Low.
I actually agree, but in a different way. I wish ALL cars would start offering some type of docks, to accept iPhones, iPads, and even *gasp* androids, so we can bring our own. Only hardware needed is the docking mechanism, and the software to interface, can be in the phone, built by or for the manufacturer.
Remember what Tim Cook said on the last earnings call. "Don't put too much credence in supply side rumors."
Its not uncommon to see senior sales executives make more than the presidents of the companies. Especially in the old days. A book many years ago, ghost written by J Paul Getty, slammed Xerox for recently cutting the pay of their sales force. (those of us around in the 70's in the business world, heard about the lavish trips, parties, and pay, of the top Xerox salesmen) Plus, their secret games of picking up girls using their newfound Xerox selling skills courses. They...
I remember Access. They were one of the ones that frankly, screwed up Palm, and bailed when they split it up and sold it to HP.
Its becoming obvious to me, that several companies seem to have their PR people hard at work. The only numbers to trust are what comes out in the earnings reports, and sell throughs. Too many differing numbers from these surveys. BTW, did anyone else notice that they blamed Foxcon's numbers on Apple, when HP's and Dell's computers are also made there? We all know how well those PC's and their tablets are selling.
Hey, I like the large Samsung format. I carry coffee on it like a tray to my wife on Sunday mornings.
The only problem we have at our local store, is its too small. No area for classes etc. (of course, retail in our mall is pretty expensive for classes). However, as my dad who was in the restaurant business for over 30 years used to say "Boy, you make a lot more money in a small restaurant full, than you do in a big restaurant half full."   Our local apple store is so full, you can't hardly move around, on normal days. Not release days. Then, they have ropes and...
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