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Can you imagine all the info FB is gonna mine from this device? How scary is that.
Time will tell. Personally, I think its all up to two factors. If, and thats a big if, from my personal knowledge of Corporate IT, the corporations agree to upgrade to BES10. A lot of folks on these forums don't understand, that these new phones do NOT work with the old BES. For the corporations to support these BB10 phones in their corporate systems, they need to upgrade to BES10. Individuals don't need to worry about that. They can use them out of the box for their...
I backed them on kickstarter, and received my watch a week or so ago. Only problem I am having, is I can't get the simplicity face to run in 12 hour mode. I am still waiting on the cycling app.
Well magman, all ya have to do is make sure you have your MBA, top 5% of your class, preferably from Harvard, Yale, Wharton, University of Chicago, or Stanford, be a junior analyst at one of the smaller firms for about 5 years or so, then you are in! Oh, and to make the big bucks, make sure and be rated at the top of the Institutional Investor survey a few years in a row might get you one of the top spots.
Apple's attorneys are going to have a field day with this.
I wonder how long it will take to shred my copy of "Mac Way."
sflocal.....very wise suggestions and comment. I'm in SF 2-3 times a year, and have only been in that store a few times, and mainly was during the old Macworld. Never have purchased anything expensive, but if I had, I would have had it delivered to the Hotel, or to my house. We did purchase an iPod touch there once, but eschewed the bag, and stuck it in my wife's bag.
Ordered the same item after I cancelled (after 3 weeks from macmall), and Apple shipped it from china, and I received it in 5 days. Thats pretty damn good service from Apple (and fed ex).
Sorry, but there is NO way I will ever buy anything from MacMall again. Last Christmas they lied about items in stock, and received "backordered" on their receipt. It took me 3 calls to get the order cancelled, and finally had to call Amex to get the charge denied. Only after Amex denied the charge, did I get a credit email. They put me off for 3 weeks, and I had enough.   When you ask for customer service, they only let you talk to the salesman who took the order....
Anan, no one is saying they are restricting whoever wants to be included. Its obvious they are controlling quality, as well as protecting their royalties. Sounds pretty simple to me.
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