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Earnings reporting in January, will be their all time highest. Last quarter had maybe 3 days of iPhone 5 sales in them, and no iPad mini's. Its going to be interesting to see what happens to the stock going into that earnings release, and after. Whats even more interesting, is none of the talking heads on TV actually bring this up!
Remember the day, when there was nearly no way, to view files from a pc, or view mac files on a pc? The old PowerPC days, and the 68030 days. I'm not looking forward to that happening again.
I like the Mapsgate comment. I have responded in other forums, who complained about how bad it was, and how Steve would have handled that. Well, now we know how Tim handled it. I liked Forstall's presentation skills, and he obviously did a HUGE amount for Apple, but we have all read stories how he had a big head, and was a pain in the ass to work with. The Maps?.........well, the buck stops (software wise) with Scott, and he screwed up big time IMHO.   I met him...
All I can think of, is how hot its gonna get in there at noon, with that glass roof.
Yup, a mistake to not have had it done before hand. I actually cancelled my order, since it wasn't coming till end of Oct anyway, as I want to desktop docks.
With all the colors, I am wondering if its just the smaller 13 inch retina display macbook. If its the iPad mini too, all the better.
I've never owned an iPod before, well, with the exception of the original Touch. I'm thinking about buying one of those nano's. Great for the car, and it has that FM radio for local radio shows, which is very appealing to me when walking around. Now l need to compute how many songs I can load on that thing in Apple Lossless.
Even though I am a continued apple fan, I just cancelled my order for my iPhone 5 for now. (wasn't getting it till the end of October anyway). This lens issue is troubling, but I am not worried about it. (I try to not shoot into the sun, like some brain dead folks). Whats more worrisome to me, is I can't yet find any docks, Apple said they aren't making one, and none are expected soon from 3rd party quality makers. I will reorder when the docks are available, and also am...
Sure is a lot of news coming out a out the iPhone 5, and foxconn. Almost seems like some of this is planted, or taken a bit too seriously. One thing I notice, is rarely do they mention all the other brands that are produced in those plants.
Suggestion. Don't be an idiot, and try taking pics with bright lights, or sun in the background. My parents taught me that in the 50's, when they were using Hassies, Leicas, Contax's and Rolleiflex's, and I was using my Brownie Starflash.
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