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Not as polished as past Ads. Looks like everybody else's ads.
  Agreed. One app I won't use. I have a feeling though, it might be one that Apple imbeds. Hope we can delete it.
I think I will just wait and see myself. I'm from Missouri (well, my parents were). My guess is if Apple doesn't, someone will.
We are getting to the point I am gonna need to get an otterbox, just to make sure I have something thick enough to hold on to!
I hope folks are not naive enough to think this wasn't coming. Wait till the isp's start nickel and diming folks that are streaming netflix. And they say disks are going by the way of the dinosaur. At least you don't get charged extra for them.
Thats her expertise, bigtime.
Big time 100% earned and legit.
Bigtime 100% earned.
Whoa....what a catch for Yahoo. Guaranteed, she will either fix it or sell it. This gal knows whats she's doing.
Ok, so where is the news about Facebook putting cookies on your browser, even if you don't use Facebook?
New Posts  All Forums: