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Might be a good idea, to not shoot a pic with a strong light source behind it. Hell, I remember my Brownie starflash took terrible pics, if the sun was behind the subject. (now that dates me)
Well, black paint on anodized aluminum, is always going to scuff. I was thinking about that the second I saw them, as cool as they look. My guess is the white one will scuff less, with the natural back, but I am getting a black one, and rounding up good old Otter.
Actually, I like them. They fall into more the traditional Apple ads, which I think is good.
Thats interesting. I was just looking at new fridges, and ovens. I shied away from Samsung myself! I'm actually looking at the GE stuff that they shifted back to the US. Those, and LG and Bosch.
Well, you could do what many of us adults did a couple years ago, and thats unsubscribe, delete, and anything else you can do to get away from Facebook. Personally, I think its beyond comprehension, that Facebook is allowed to place cookies on your computer, at every web site that has their little logo on it, but they do.
I know they lead in ditching things, which has turned out to be good, but I'm not ready to lose my optical drive on my desktop.
Oh you remember Ellen?  Guess the ad worked then!
Yup, now whats up with the personal hotspot charge on ATT? 
It looked like it didn't it! I actually noticed and wondered the same thing! To notice that, we must need to get away from the TV and computers for a while LOL.
Not as polished as past Ads. Looks like everybody else's ads.
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