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I agree Flash is the issue, This website causes the above when viewed on my rMbp.
Do us proud Jony. Lets reboot iOS
"Torture test" bought a smile to my face. On a serious note not surprised, Apple make quality products.
You can't but feel that's its all catchup to Google.
No no no, any itv will be controlled by other iOS devices. Can't see what Apple could bring to the table. Lets face it any panel tec would probably be Samsung. Apple should concentrate on the current Apple TV which can be added to any TV at low cost.
3Gs making a return😃
I scratch my head sometimes and wonder where iOS is going. It could be so much more. I usually upgrade to the latest iPhone every couple of years once my contract finnishes but I have very little inclination to do so at the moment.. Reason being iOS doesn't need it. My 4s more than powerful enough for iOS. Apple nailed the hardware just needs to take iOS in a new exciting direction.
Liquid metal
This generation came to early. It should have had Retina display and I believe Apple originally wanted this but industry couldn't deliver. Once you use a retina display like rMBP no going back.
Some Court will rule this invalid!!
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