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You shut up. ;-)
And the mediocrity from Tim Cook's Apple, Inc. continues... Apple used to be a leader in so many promising areas, and while it's still clearly leading a few core markets (albeit big ones), it seems to be losing momentum in a lot of smaller areas that could become big. Frequently updating products and keeping them bug free just doesn't seem to be important to the company anymore.
Exactly. This is not what won Apple the huge amount of consumer trust over the years. It's exactly the opposite and has started to tarnish the brand (along with lots of other shortcomings lately).
The more companies like Apple go out of their way to implement "diversity" programs, the more I suspect any given minority group favored by those diversity programs will somehow be less competent than the norm...   They didn't earn it by themselves, they were given an artificial boost based on their color, and it's hard to respect someone like that compared to someone that earned their way on merit.    Plus, the more you make race an issue, the more it becomes an...
I hope RiteAid doesn't ruin the experience by requiring me to press a bunch of buttons (credit? Debit?) and sign after I use my phone or watch. Staples has done that and it defeats the purpose of a quick, convenient payment.
"Look at the scoreboard, son?" Really, that's your way of judging a CEO who takes over what's ALREADY one of the world's most successful and valuable companies, with ALREADY a dominant position in every market it plays in? You watch that CEO for a few years, look at the company's stock price and profits, and declare him a winner?  That's incredibly simplistic, foolish and it shows deep inexperience on your part. The fact is, Tim Cook inherited Apple at the top of its game,...
Ha, I have heard of Playlists -- although it's interesting that you bring that up, because the new Music app actually makes Playlists harder than ever to find, and you have to go into Settings to turn off the useless-to-most-people Connect icon, so you can replace it with the much more familiar and useful Playlists icon!   So thanks for proving my point even further.    Anyway, telling Siri to play a song directly is the fastest, most convenient way to play a song when...
I think the jury is still WAY out on Apple Music. My experience hasn't been great. The new Music app is very complicated, and it makes me wonder if Apple decided that Ease of Use isn't cool anymore. Plus, lots of annoyances like asking Siri to play a song that I own, and instead, she plays the same titled song but a slightly different version through Apple Music. The software should be smart enough to play the songs and versions I know and already OWN and have on my...
I sure wish my Apple Watch's "Hey Siri" feature would work more reliably. It works about 70% of the time. Also, I'm noticing the watch isn't producing notifications for my text messages consistently. Sometimes it just doesn't give me a notification. In other words, Apple's now usual quality control problems are making me feel pretty so-so on my Watch.
I'm sure Tim Cook's heavy-handed censorship and banning of any content that might be deemed "mean-spirited" or "offensive" to these "minority" groups will engender a lot of warm fuzzy feelings towards them... Instead, it will probably make them targets of more extremism, especially if they remain silent as the Tim Cooks of the world carry out the same kind of extremism in their names.
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