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Actually, looks like you're the nut to not realize how government's "good intentions" can and usually do go horribly wrong -- almost always by trying to restrain the free market as Obama is doing now.  Government started meddling with the housing market to promote home ownership as a means to social mobility and we got the housing bubble. Government started promoting free, easy student loans and we got run-away college costs and massive student debt that will be the next...
Good idea, I'll try that, thanks!
I was so ready to move from Alfred to using spotlight instead and then realized that Spotlight can't issue commands to Sleep or Restart the computer. So Alfred it is.
I just experienced this bug myself. Booted up a 2013 Mac Pro this morning, and it couldn't find my Apple bluetooth mouse. Fortunately, it did find my Apple trackpad, so I was able to go to System Preferences and manually find the mouse. 
Passbook keeps crashing when I try to take a picture of my credit card, so I had to enter them manually. Might try to restore my phone to fix that.    My Chase Visa cards were accepted by Passbook, except a MasterCard. Apparently, Apple Pay only works with Chase Visas, not MCs.    Looking forward to trying this out at a nearby Radio Shack, Macdonalds or Subway. 
Terrible mistake, Apple. And I think this will begin to haunt you almost immediately.
LET'S BE FRANK, JESSE.   The reason there aren't many blacks in tech is because black families and black kids don't embrace an education and path that naturally leads to the tech industry. You know, things like math, science, business, etc.    Blacks, as a general group, seem to have no problem excelling in sports and music without any hand-outs or crying about racial imbalance. Why? Because those areas are apparently important to much of the black community, and...
I hope it fixes all the crashes I get in Safari. 
 Ah, that's government bureaucracy at its finest...
I seem to remember them being "committed" to the Zune too. And before that, they were "committed" to the Plays For Sure audio format.
New Posts  All Forums: