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Hey, Laurene, why don't you speak out for all the people who have valuable skills that can significantly help our economy right now, but who can't get a green card???   They're a lot more worthy of our help than the illegal aliens who cross our border with barely any skills and a propensity to suck up precious resources through all the social services they latch on to, but never pay taxes to sustain (education, school lunches, emergency room service, public...
As if Jobs wasn't aware of this major new development in the cellular world before the Verizon CEO told him about it at a trade show. Come on.
Gotta say I'm finally happy with AT&T lte in Los Angeles. About 5 days ago, I noticed Lte speeds shoot up 4 or 5 fold, in multiple areas. Not sure what they did, but I finally feel good about having an Lte phone around here on AT&T.
This is what happens when colonies get their "independence."  
I love it. As Microsoft raises prices and limits licenses for Mac users, head-in-the-clouds Apple has let the Mac edition of iWork languish for more than 3 years without any appreciable update. Way to protect the Mac market, Apple! Maybe you should give up on Safari, too, so we can be at Microsoft's mercy even more. I really loved those days when Internet Explorer was the only game in town. If Apple had any sense, it would have contined to improve iWork so it could be a...
I would like to be a guest speaker at Apple University, so I could force them to confront how mediocre (or worse) they've become in non-iOs and MacBook Air areas. Some examples of shameful failure: The Mac Pro. Professional apps. IWork, etc. 5 years ago, Apple's efforts could be described as a very strong A game or, or in some cases, at least a solid B game. Nowadays Apple still has its customarily strong A game (iPhone/iPad/Air), but its B game efforts have become more...
How will Maps work?
New York's retard of a mayor has already banned large soft-drinks and baby formula. Next up? A ban on Apple products, because that will keep New Yorkers safer.
It's pathetic how long Apple has taken to update the desktop version of iWork. It's been years since any significant update. Apple is destroying its credibility, and it's going to hurt its ability to introduce new products that aren't an iPhone, iPad or Macbook Air (ie, the products Apple actually puts some effort into).    A company with $110 billion in the bank should be able to update a suite of three apps in three years. 
Jeez, is this another excuse for Apple to not actually update the Mac-based iWork, which has gone unchanged in 3 years??   Pages and Numbers need serious help. They don't need to match Word and Excel feature-by-feature, but they do need a few more tools that make them more capable for a lot of projects. And yet 3 years go by without any appreciable changes from Apple.   Yet another case of Apple not being able to manage its portfolio very well, unless it's an...
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