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Jeez, is this another excuse for Apple to not actually update the Mac-based iWork, which has gone unchanged in 3 years??   Pages and Numbers need serious help. They don't need to match Word and Excel feature-by-feature, but they do need a few more tools that make them more capable for a lot of projects. And yet 3 years go by without any appreciable changes from Apple.   Yet another case of Apple not being able to manage its portfolio very well, unless it's an...
Dumb, low-class monkey. 
Stupid name (Equonne...??), stupid criminal, another stupid burden on taxpayers.
What are the chances any 20-somethings in tech today mention the names Plato or Aristotle in a sentence? Sadly, I'd say the chances are zero.
  The workers should also thank those dastardly consumers for preferring lower cost merchandise over higher cost merchandise. I notice some people complain about "jobs moving overseas" until they're actually in a store and suddenly decide they want the best deal possible for themselves. Hence the market always moving towards lower prices, and hence jobs moving overseas where labor is cheaper and unions weak or non-existent.    Personally, I call that progress. ;-)
Apple: please stop showing me apps in languages I don't read. Seems like most app searches I do turn up apps in Chinese or some other language. 
I highly doubt a different "look" will help BestBuy stores.   The reason I don't go into those stores anymore is because most of the staff barely knows anything about the products. The last time I went into BestBuy was to find a car stereo/bluetooth hands-free solution for my iPhone. I had done one evening's worth of research before walking into BestBuy, and realized that I already knew more about iPhone compatible car stereos than the two "experts" in their car...
Hippie losers.
I'd like to be wrong about this, but I think it's way too early for this film, and I also haven't seen anything in Kutcher's body of work that makes me think he could handle playing a guy like Jobs. Ashton basically plays Ashton in all his roles, and that wouldn't work here...
I'm so glad our Congress was finally able to solve our gargantuan deficit, our crumbling infrastructure, our failing schools, the money-sucking Post Office, etc. etc. etc., and now has time to focus on what *really* matters, like privacy issues on mobile phones.
New Posts  All Forums: