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California was NOT "super liberal" when most of those companies started, and a lot of the high tech business development in the region has more to do with the fact that there's already a critical mass of talent living and working in the area, rather than the liberal wacko policies of the state. The important point of this story is that California is losing another big round of job creation to other states...jobs that have good reason to stay in California. The state is...
God, I love Capitalism. And low capital gains taxes...
It's nice to hear Cook say that they'll do what's in the best interest of shareholders....ie, having a healthy respect for the people that actually own the company.
I like it when the world reminds Apple that it's still fallible and has to legitimately work for its success.
No wait performance? Have the editors actually used FCP X? It can suffer from quite a bit of lag, even on high end Mac Pros. Try keeping more than a few events or projects open. Try exporting to Compressor. Try using compound clips liberally. No wait, my ***. Ps I like the software quite a bit and its multicam implementation is the best around but apple still has some real performance issues to address.
You want to talk about stealing taxpayer dollars, let's start with the massive entitlement apparatus being expanded and entrenched daily by your liberal wacko heroes.
Whatever Apple decides to do with the cash, I hope they throw in a 4-for-1 stock split for good measure.
OH GIVE ME A BREAK! The more money you have, the easier it is to make more? In a free market, which people like you are constantly trying to dismantle, it doesn't work that way. That's why the richest people in our country today came from families that weren't even on the map a generation or two ago! Steve Jobs, the founders of Google, Microsoft, Fed Ex, Genentech, Intel, WalMart, Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook, etc. etc. etc....they don't come from The Rockefellers,...
The money was already taxed when it was earned. What's left belongs to the owner to do what they want, including leaving it to family or organizations when they die. If you don't think the direct heirs of a wealthy person have claim to their parents' or their relatives' or supporters' money, then how could you think the government has a claim? What did the government and "the people" do to earn the money? ABSOLUTElY NOTHING. But they want to take it and spend it on...
New Posts  All Forums: