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You both speak to the same issue, so I'll answer together. I've noticed that a lot of people who support Big Philanthropy, like they support Big Government, value the intent of the philanthropic act as much as they value the end results of that act. When I talk to people about hugely wasteful and destructive government programs (like welfare, or school bussing, etc. etc. etc.) I've heard people say "at least they're trying", as if hugely failing in the endeavor is...
Personally I think Jobs didn't like the idea of charity....ie simply giving away something valuable without it being earned. It simply went against his world view. I think he was absolutely fine with helping people, but was uncomfortable with the conventional idea of simply giving away money. I think he much rather would have created new companies and products that would help people help themselves, rather than just handing over money, which probably seemed crass to him...
Christ, even Apple is doing its part to overrun Thanksgiving with a money grab. Really, Apple, how many customers are going to skip buying your products because they have to wait until 8am instead of 4am or midnight?
If it results in more indoor pictures that are blurry, it's not a smart feature. Also, if the flash came on when there's more ambient light, it would create some decent fill but not the harsh "deer in headlights" look that comes from a flash in darkness.
The iPhone's camera is fine in daylight, but sucks for indoors shots, even the cameras on the 4S. I constantly get blur, and the camera's AUTO feature never seems to engage the flash, unless it's very very dark. Oh well.
Germany is a pip-squeak of a country compared to the U.S., economically speaking. How many new, booming industries have come out of Germany since WWII? Not many. How many from the U.S.? Oh let's see, there's been biotechnology, the mainframe and mini computer industry, the the personal computer industry, the internet, the air freight industry (fed ex, ups), fast food, music, movies, etc. etc. etc. If the U.S. had Germany's overall economic activity, it would be a...
Strong unions certainly haven't led to a strong economy for.... The U.S. steel industry The U.S. auto industry U.S. public education The U.S. post office Amtrack etc. etc. etc.... Take every promising, dynamic, growing industry in the U.S., and you will find little to no union presence. Take every deteriorating, decayed, moribund industry in the U.S., and you will find big, fat unions.
Well, they do make promises. For instance, I've definitely heard "no new taxes" before. But let's say for argument's sake that a politician never makes a promise, just fills up the airspace with empty rhetoric to get you to buy their product. If politicians can do that, why can't private companies like cel phone makers?
Here's another question: Will Al Frankin and his liberal wacko posse sponsor a bill that requires all senators and congressmen to keep their campaign promises? Oh no, of course not. That's precisely when we'll hear politicians singing the praises of limited government.
And for Al Frankin's next trick, he can sponsor a bill protecting us from misleading movie names. Here's your first victim who needs saving, Al: http://marquee.blogs.cnn.com/2011/10...ive/?hpt=hp_c2 P.S. Jump right on it, Al, because I guarantee you she votes "Democrat" every chance she gets....
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