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That's hardly a killer feature, at least in terms of what the mass market wants.
There are a lot of people like you around here, talking about how competition is "good" and T-Mobile being acquired is "bad". But it's funny how this group, for all of its lip-service to competition, never seems to be willing to let the less competitive actually fail (which is, in fact, the natural outcome of competition). No, instead of failing and going away, the less competitive seem to always require a bail out, or a rescue from being acquired by bigger, more...
Great reference.
Look at how China has treated its citizens in the last 100 years and you won't be pedaling your "morality is relative" crap and asking dumb doe-eyed questions about whether we have the right to "impose" our values on China. Let me reverse your question: Chinese values led to the death of tens of millions of Chinese citizens during that little snake Mao's pathetic Cultural Revolution. Does that mean it's okay for anyone to kill tens of millions of Chinese, because that's...
Apple's handling of this was insulting. 12 years of building credibility in the video production/filmmaking community just went up in smoke....if not for the pathetic state of FCP X 1.0 (and it is pathetic), then for Apple's mean-spirited and dismissive way of handling the transition and managing the expectations/fears of legions of customers. I have been one of Apple's biggest fans for more than a decade, and personally converted 30-40 people from Windows products to...
I'd much rather have a camera with a faster shutter than one with higher resolution. When I look at my iPhone 4 pictures, most problems have to do with blurred movement, not lack of resolution.
Married with kids doesn't mean straight. Ask John Travolta and Tom Cruise.
What I want to know is, where did the Mayor get his perm?
If I were the magazine industry, I would sell my subscriptions through my own app, so the customer's exposure to the Android marketplace was minimal (and I kept all the money). If the iPad had no magazine support, but another platform did, it would put the iPad at a disadvantage over the long-term.
I always thought it was insane for a magazine to give away 30% of its sales to Apple, simply for selling through the App Store. If I were the magazine industry, I would threaten to only support Android until Apple came up with a more reasonable fee.
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