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You need to think things through a bit more before playing the blame-the-victim game like you do...First of all, it's quite possible that Steve *did* initially feel he had a cold/flu, and that he attributed his gaunt look to that, along with his vegan diet. Depending on the health advice he was getting (remember, he's not a big fan of conventional medicine, and even tried to treat his cancer through diet in 2004), he may not have had an accurate idea himself over why he...
My biggest fear is that Steve will leave Apple not because of his health, but because of the public scrutiny he is being placed under over this issue. Who wants to live like that? I believe he and the board have been very forthcoming about this. He's made several public statements about his heatlh, and unfortunately, each statement only encourages people to demand to know even more. Pretty soon, they'll settle for nothing less than a by-the-minute report. Ridiculous.
Boy oh boy, thank goodness we have the benevolent EU to protect us from this dangerous world we live in. If IE is such a monopoly and if IE discourages competition and innovation, then why are Firefox and Safari thriving on the desktop, and why is mobile Safari (iphone) providing far more mobile internet surfing than IE's mobile edition? Also, why is Google--a major competitor of Microsoft's and potential a lethal one--jumping into the fray with Chrome? This is...
Rob Enderle is a fool. He's the wacko who, when Apple announced the iPhone would have a glass screen, went around telling the press that it was a questionable move, because if you dropped the iPhone the screen would shatter. He did this months before the iPhone shipped, and stuck to his guns right up to when the iPhone *did* ship, and the glass screen proved quite sturdy. This guy is a hack, he has no idea what he's saying, even on the most basic of topics.
Dearest Apple, Please do whatever you have to do to introduce a 48 hour rental period to movies, instead of the current 24 hours. 24 hours is just too short--sometimes I need to split a movie over two nights, and that's just not possible with your current model. The end result: I don't rent many movies from you, but if you could stretch the period to 48 hours, it would probably triple the amount of rental business you get from me. I bet other busy people are in the same...
It better be alright for Apple to run a recycling program, instead of redesigning the iPod / iPhone. I personally hate removable batteries. I've never had the need for them, and it's one of the things I appreciate about Apple's consumer products.
Dear Apple, Regarding the iPhone update: Instead of more new features, how about more consistent, day-in-day-out stability? Thanks...
I wonder if Apple has managed to fix all the case of the disappearing RSS feeds in Mail. Half the time I launch Mail, my RSS feeds don't show up. The other half they don't update.
That's called piracy.
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