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Dear Apple, Regarding the iPhone update: Instead of more new features, how about more consistent, day-in-day-out stability? Thanks...
I wonder if Apple has managed to fix all the case of the disappearing RSS feeds in Mail. Half the time I launch Mail, my RSS feeds don't show up. The other half they don't update.
That's called piracy.
I had solid battery life on my iPhone under 1.14, even with wifi on all the time. I honestly hope Apple doesn't try to convince people to start turning on/off their wifi and 3g and bluetooth settings, just to achieve a reasonable level of battery power. That's not convenient, and the iPhone is supposed to be convenient, if nothing else.
Yes, I am. Battery life seems to be 15-25% less on my original 8GB iPhone since I upgraded to the 2.0 OS, and that's even after I've set Mail to check for new messages once an hour, instead of every 15 minutes. Push email on my .Mac account is disabled, but it does use Push for contacts and calendars. Also, I notice that the iPhone sometimes reports 1 bar of Wifi reception with my airport signal, even though I may be only a few feet away.
Apple seriously needs to slow down its development schedule, and focus on the minutia of making sure everything works very reliably. Of course, there's no 100% guaranty that a product will be bug-free, but lately, Apple has gotten noticeably sloppy. The iPhone/Mobile Me launch is one example, but Leopard is another poster-child for Apple's tendency to rush a product out before it's truly solid. Case in point: It's more than 9 months since Leopard's launch, and my...
I suppose it's encouraging that Apple did not categorically state that iPhone activations would have to happen in the store. Maybe there's hope for a better solution after all...
Maybe Apple can also fix the case of disappearing RSS feeds in Mail, as well as glitches in synching documents to .Mac iDisk.
Then prepare to be disappointed!
If you're still hoping for PPC support, you're fooling yourself. By the time Snow Leopard ships, Apple will have been selling Intel machines for more than 3 years. That's a significant amount of time. Plus, building PowerPC support into Snow Leopard would completely defeat the purpose of Snow Leopard, which is to create a tech foundation for years to come. Many of Snow Leopard's features wouldn't even apply to 3 and 4 and 5 year old Macs--for instance, Grand Central...
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