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But it had flash!
Keep in mind, Trip is the same guy who said Ballmer would get 7 minutes at WWDC 2010. Ignore.
Might be Apple products yes, but you won't get the right purchase date if you're interested in AppleCare.
This is how Apple has historically used their deferred revenue, so the "simpler" explanation would be AI's conclusion.Other than to show the forum you know how deferred revenue works, I'm not sure why you described it. We all get that iCloud is a "new feature", and that it will be covered by this.
But wait guys! It runs Flash!
Thanks. But you're still wrong. The developer in this article wants Apple to verify purchase of an application before allowing the apple account to post gamecetner scores. This is possible, they don't currently do this.
Read the article and think before posting. You're incorrect.
Good job AppleInsider... Don't want anyone stealing that image from you.
Developers? Or rather, AppleInsider editors with developer accounts?
New Posts  All Forums: