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True, but one person trying to root through every feature and how it might play out in the real world is not as powerful as someone posting features/interactions and such, and then having a large internet sounding board to think through various ideas. It's definitely not as simple as you seem to make it.
That's true though. Apple didn't publish it as AI says. They just grabbed the PDF from MacRumors and I guess assumed it was on their site somewhere. (It isn't).
Nice Breaking news that was lifted from MacRumors without attribution. Apple has not published this document anywhere public.
Inline dictionary exists today, just not with a mouse gesture.
No it doesn't.
Push already exists on Snow Leopard. They debuted in FaceTime. You don't need to leave FaceTime open in order to receive FaceTime calls, push notifications start it automatically.
Uhm, yeah, while they have been awarded this patent, I thought it was pretty obvious that this is an abandoned concept, and only exists if the deals with Cingular didn't pan out. The talk is that they considered this option, but obviously, they have struck a deal with multiple wireless companies now. I highly doubt this will ever happen.
Yeah, this is very narrow thinking.
You may claim you were first to discover, but definitely not first to publish:http://www.macrumors.com/2010/01/14/...ring-a-stylus/
AI: Is it too much to ask to actually link source material? Seriously, it's getting really old, and honestly, it's becoming laughable how poorly you cite your articles. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-relea...115124609.html
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