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Christ. I assume he didn't even try to let Apple help him out. They certainly consider replacing after accidents like this.
Are you kidding? The joke is certainly a parade of some of the worst designs on the Mac App Store. The "voice" of this site is surely intentional.
This is embarrassing. RIM is going to mess this up too, aren't they? They were fools to pre-announce so early, and to "compete" with features in today's iPad. Sad really.
When you figure out how to unlock a phone without a jailbreak, I'm sure some folks would like to know.
This is not true. Easy example to convince yourself: HTML5 Youtube vs Regular Youtube in the same browser. Check activity monitor.
What? How does the color of the phone lead you to that conclusion?
"his failure at NeXT" Hrm... Really?
There's a difference between currently selling more and market share. And apple did not claim to surpass Nintendo in market share.
Saurik is an interesting guy. This year I had the pleasure of a couple hours of his time at the front of the WWDC line. After the keynote, I noticed that he ended up talking with some of the engineers that linger near the foot of the stage.
New Posts  All Forums: