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No actually, you couldn't.
Wait what? Which part are they doing better than everyone else? Also, do you think having middleware promotes privacy? How do you think a BES actually works?
Wishful thinking. FaceTime was rushed and they didn't fix little things like this.
This has nothing to do with anything.
It is the case, AppleInsider just has not updated their site.
From BGR: "UPDATE: The last line in the email exchange was actually not said by Mr. Jobs; rather it was by “Tom.” We corrected it as soon as we were made aware."
AppleInsider waits on this story which hit at about 9AM, and now publishes it, but with old information. Jobs didn't actually say "Just a phone." Good job Dilger.
That's actually a myth.
You know AI, if you're going to attribute work to someone else, don't misrepresent it. You mislabeled iFixit's images. This is probably not the only error.
"Developers report..." Yeah, you could at least credit Apple's development videos for all the info here that you are publishing.
New Posts  All Forums: