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WHYYYYYY The dashboard is a subprocess of the dock.. if you have no widgets open then it uses NO MEMORY.. the dock uses under 5mb alone. Are you one of the people who also hates the dock?
Thanks AppleInsider... What great insight.
That's a standard phrase used for pc resellers who use microsoft's products. It's in their contract... Same goes for Dell.
Sounds like they are centralizing iTunes to do these features, because they will soon be packing more. Obviously I have no idea what they are
Licensers give a fuck. The size of typography is a huge part of licsensing. For example. If you license a musical, in the contract there is a specification for how large the author's names are relative to the title when you are printing a playbill.
Yeah, obviously the timing is suspect... But Apple could possibly use the defense of laches. Tiger Direct is basically doing what is called a "legal ambush".
Not sure how this will do anything.. and not sure you can reach anyone that would know anything about this anyway.
Your Mac OS X Tiger isn't from Tiger Direct? Man, I'm confused!
Looks like the developers left in the weather widget "Nowhere" programming that Jobs used in his keynote. Press option+command and then click the picture on the widget. Also from doing this I found out that if you are in the 1st dashboard mode (without the bottom pane up) you can hold option and hover over a widget and a X shows up to close it.
New Posts  All Forums: