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You don't know the implications, yet you're shocked no one is talking about it?No. You may see sites however create 2x images specifically for iPhone 4 versions of sites, but that's about it. Sites like NYT that do not have an iPhone "optimized" version will display beautifully on this new display, as all of those images were designed with a desktop display in mind.
Sorry, but currently these guys don't know what they are doing. Selling single issues? Get a model going guys! One app, subscriptions. Don't make me download more apps for each week! (TIME I'm looking at you)
Seriously? It has been "tomorrow" for hours now in some parts of the world.
Because "stay online polling the network waiting for a message for a long time" is not a "Task" in Apple's sense of the word. It's very wasteful.
While I think that Apple's multitasking in 4.0 is a very good approach, there is still the issue of the lack of managing modal popup windows. iPhone 3.0 made them unpleasant with push notifications and it looks like 4.0 only will continue down that path as it seems they are relied on more so with local push. I was very underwhelmed by the lack of any development in this area of the operating system for 4.0 and hope that they just didn't have it ready for the demo....
The Betamax porn myth is just that. A myth. Porn's influence on the format war is not supported by any evidence.
"Valve's" Nice AI.
"chief conversion officer" "search engine optimization company" Ugh, makes me want to puke.
They aren't having a problem selling machines as it stands.
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