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Ha, yup. Noticed the trademark mention in this ad.
I can't quite tell from the writing of the article if Prince is an apologist for Apple on this issue, or not... Pre 3.1 OS phones were indeed lying to the policy enforced servers they were attached to. This wouldn't have cropped up as an issue if that wasn't the case, because pre 3GS phones would never have been allowed on the server in the first place.
Your guess is incorrect. A SOAP protocol called Exchange Web Services is what is being used.
"Apple built its support for Exchange using WebDAV" - Exchange Web Services actually. "it merely licensed the rights to implement a compatible EAS conduit with Exchange" - Uhm, no. Wait wait wait... Daniel Eran Dilger wrote a book on Snow Leopard Server, but he thinks that Apple is using WebDAV to connect to Exchange? I wouldn't recommend purchasing anything he writes.
Way to wake a 2 year old thread.
Why not just link to the WSJ article and be done with it? You're basically taking their article, and changing some words, and publishing it as your own. Of course you've linked, and cited the Journal, but c'mon, this is mostly a fresh bowl of copypasta. Also, the copy(pasta)-editor for AppleInsider completely misunderstood a portion of the article, and has also misinformed readers: From WSJ: Microsoft was in just such a growth slowdown in 2004, when it held...
Poor decision, but let's hope it is only temporary, while Apple calms AT&T. Look, the phone companies are going to have nothing left when they lose text messages. They won't be able to sell "value added" services anymore and will be reduced to dumb pipes. Expect companies who only invested in (dark) fiber infrastructures like Level3 to win big. Google Voice is great, and it's unfortunate that their app isn't available for my iPhone (yet).
It does not... Yet.
Ah true... "You run an Apple website" and "you used "Job's" twice in this article" was a tad ambiguous.
Hi. I also am a stickler for people actually reading what was said, and not just assuming they know what's going on. The error was in the article and not a comment. It has now been corrected.
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