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Sure, as a music player, many many people do have a flavor of iPod. But the market is wide open again for the Touch/iPhone platform. Getting a Touch in everyone's hands will send a lot more business Apple's way than music ever did.
Apple is doing them a favor. Their logo blows.
Nice one.
That's... a really good point. They must have been static images though.
This is the plastic theme, not brushed metal.
They must've had some problems with naive subjects not understanding that the magnifying glass means "Google Search." You know this, but obviously others don't. It makes sense to mimic the desktop safari look. Also, we haven't seen it in action.
Apple Insider "revealed" this list earlier this week? That page has been up for quite awhile now, well before you revealed it.Nearly all of those have been posted as "coming soon" since the iPhone 3G launch, only three have been "recently" added (Panama, Venezuela and Russia). It's the exact same list you posted on Tuesday.
Current Right Side Download Image on Apple.com iTunes: It has a semi-transparent layer in the PNG image to make the "button" reflection look, but the Apple web artist didn't mask the right side: Here is the supposed "screenshot" Looks like he tried to erase some of that semi-transparent part, but missed some, as it is covering up the left corner of the lowercase d: (Left is Apple's original picture. Right is the closeup of the screenshot. So yeah, this guy basically...
The fun part is setting up Active Directory and Open Directory to create the 'Golden Triangle'
For some reason you are applying a bad connotation to the word 'terse.'Terse doesn't mean what you think it means.
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