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"Apple executive remarked that copy-and-paste functionality on the iPhone remains a low priority. Millions of iPhone users worldwide don't agree with that stance," Source? A Google search +Copy +Paste +iPhone finds under 1 million pages. I'm sure many do want copy and paste, but you can't just blindly say that millions don't agree without some source.
++ -mattyohe
"existing Voyager owners will need to make a trip to their local Veirzon Wireless retailer" Ouch
Thanks for the link. I knew something was up when I saw that he hadn't updated his blog in almost a month.Also of note: At his last lecture Randy said he had a 'deathbed conversion'... he just bought a Macintosh.Video is here, and the comment comes in at exactly 11 min.
So, then are you saying that this will be something you will do until the Ad Hoc distribution comes out? Just something to tide you ever until then?
Yes, I know what the Pwnage Tool does, that's not what I'm asking. What will people use it for? Let me be a little more clear. With the App store out now, what will people really use a jailbroken iPhone for now? Is there a huge market for the "restricted" apps that Apple wont sell?
Those of you that are going to use this, what are your primary reasons for its use?
"I have an enterprise account and could not get an iPhone for any price," one such buyer tells AppleInsider. "I thought Apple had finally figured out the whole business thing but alas it seems not." This guy has an enterprise account all the while not understanding microeconomics. Having a popular product in which you are unable to meet demand does not mean you don't understand "the business thing." Get real.
The nice feature of this would be that it is blending together two pieces of information. The video of the lecturer, and the slides. While the body recognition features would be great... Just having the ability to switch between video and slides at my discretion would be wonderful.
Most don't notice because they have nothing to compare it to. The people who do compare it think that something is wrong because the 1st generation MUST BE RIGHT!!
New Posts  All Forums: