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Icecream is just sugared milk. A human is just a monkey walking upright. Earth is just another planet with an ozone layer. Come on, join the game! This is fun!
Again, this isn't specifically tied into the UNIX core, but rather the Core Graphics Framework which is part of what makes OS X > Unix + GUI. And the rest of what Aegisdesign said, also frameworks. They have nothing to do with Unix, specifically. If your only concern is stability and redundancy, stick with Unix sans GUI or one of those ATM systems you talked about earlier. It'll do the trick for you. If you're living in the terminal anyways, you'll have no need for a GUI...
Curious: The kind of system you describe with redundant harware sounds like a pretty specialized solution for a specific production. OS X is mainly a system for Desktop use, more than for example a specialized server OS or for use with redundant hardware in an ATM machine. Sure, it can be expanded into a lot of different territories and uses, but its main use and its main STRENGTH is as a robust and stable desktop OS in a production/home environment. Although its...
Exactly. You need to be able to formulate a well defined and quantifiable question in order to get an easily quantifiable answer. Otherwise you're travelling into this territory:Q: Is Mac OS X just UNIX + GUI?A: 42.I reiterate my conveniently ignored question to curious_about_mac:
...in the same way XP or Vista is just DOS + GUI. On one hand everything besides that actually IS splitting hairs, since the above statements are true. But in my mind it sounds like saying OSX = Unix + GUI is basically implying OS X is a *nix with a window manager. And as such should be limited to the functionalities that *nix has built in, but accessible through a graphical interface. Which has been explained thoroughly in many posts above that it's just a very, very...
After some browsing, it turns out the problem is with Quicktime and nt the Flash plugin. The solution is to delete com.apple.Safari.plist from ~/Library/Preferences. In case anyone has the same problem.
Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has had similar problems. I updated the other day to 10.4.11 and Safari 3.0.4, and all of the sudden all Flash animations are gone in Safari. It doesn't show up as broken, or "plugin doesn't exist", there's just a big blank space where the Flash object should be. No border, nothing. It takes up the same space as the Flash movie should, but there's nothing there. I've tried deleting anything in the "Internet Plugins" folders...
Jeez Apple, just re-introduce themes already. One Aqua for the tiger-enthusiasts, one OS 9 for the retro peeps, and one metal (not brushed mind you) for the rest of us. Why does it have to be so hard?
Similar configuration. What gives?Edit: JLL, just saw your post, thanks. I'm really at the bottom of those requirements. But I've had the same experience as you with each version being faster than the previous so I hope it stays that way.
A quick and safe way to run a HD fix is to restart holding down the Shift key right after the startup chime sounds. This will startup in Safe Mode after running a disc repair. I'm not sure that's such a good idea though since your hard drive seem to be physically failing and trying to do a disc repair might do more damage than good, I dunno. So maybe the best option is just to backup and reinstall everything on a fresh drive.
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