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 Except.... Saved me the typing.  :-)  This universal sign-in requirement - to use some Google-owned services at least - and to the delight of YouTube trolls among other more rational sorts - is going away as G+ is further decoupled from the Googlesphere to focus on more limited purposes.  (Announced within the last few days.)
"What...? Y'all care about what li'l ol' me thinks?"
 Yep stop the presses!!  More battery life too.  Who saw that coming....?!? It's all welcome, though.
 Not until it can be fully useful without an iPhone - unless phone sales go to something like 200M/yr.  Which, hmmm, they possibly could....  ...and a few gens down the line the watch will doubtlessly do much more on its own....  ....so my initial skepticism's tempering by each word I write.  So. All righty then... :)
 Or we won't - except what will be able to be gleaned from the figure in the newly expanded "other sales" category Apple announced last October that the watch and iPods (and ATVs?) will be in.... .....since that was many months before launch, it makes one wonder if Apple that long ago had strong doubts about how the new device was going to sell, 'cos if gangbusters, Apple's never been shy about saying so....   ....and hearing Tim say he was going to forego the usual "happy...
As usual a small minority is "ruining it for everybody"....  ...but in fact they are.
 As a "poor man's" (and carrier skirting) iPhone, do other services include Google Hangouts and facebook video calling? Most of people's friends seem likely to have the capability of using at least one of these.... ...I'd think it would be a matter of time until some maker releases an "unphone" specifically putting using these free (including video) services front and center - to cut voice plans entirely out of the loop (as long as one is near wi-fi at least - and people...
 Much of the cost (and margin) of products is in their design, tooling up to make them, and the parts. As more units are sold, the first two of these ("production experience" roughly) are amortized away by the profits made and it's well known that many to most components of digital devices keep trending down in price. So - unless they're rotting in boxes and not selling - the net, net margins on Nanos and Shuffles have to have increased by a good amount since their...
My friend worked in a metal refinery that handled gold and silver.  They had to strip all their clothes off and pass through another room to put on their work clothes at the start of their shifts, with no exit for lunch or bathroom use, i.e., they stayed in the processing facility for those...   ...and at the end of their shifts, had to strip again, step into a high pressure shower that opened on one side (to remove gold and silver dust) and then exit to where their...
Re the actual emergence of "IPTV" that we're finally witnessing the fits and starts rollout of, a line from David Byrne comes to mind...  "Watch out, you might get what you're after."  
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