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You might avoid reading the articles about leaked products then. Just a thot.
Ha. Good article and good comments on it. Many thanx!
Bloomberg has a more in-depth article on this today:Apple’s Jobs ‘Fully Operational’ Year After Operation including this fascinating bit, which I'm hoping someone can explain:To quote David Byrne (Talking Heads): "How do I work this?"
happens to me on both Mac and Win. mem and cpu use keep creeping up relentlessly. the problem often seems to be curbed with a new full point release (which at times explicitly promises better resource mgmt.), but it always returns. I restart FF on my Win machine daily now (or more often), before it hangs the system, and on my Mac at least every few days.
As for the future being a war between Google, Apple and facebook (which has announced its "platform" intentions), an interesting conjecture.Anyone want to suggest any other candidates for future hegemony and rank them?Apple's premium strategy and limited number of SKU's may ensure they remain highly profitable and influential, but I'm not ready to write off Google or others in terms of user share (as opposed to market share and profit share - all of which have different...
I'm not saying that would have been a bad move, however, technically, in that case they might have a $600 (or something like it share price right now, but that wouldn't put any acquisition money in their pockets per se. When companies buy back stock, they don't "own" it like shareholders do - it's placed in reserve. In order to benefit from their "investment" in their own shares, they'd have to reissue them in certain size chunks. If they did that they might raise...
Pocket change compared to her acquisitions and the size of HP. MS has spent more just to strangle promising tech they never employed. And HP probably will scrape a bit of useful flesh off the bones even if it never pans out to a big plus.I would.
"nearly as well" Weak!
I'm getting tired of this particular chestnut. I run iTunes on 3 PC's and two Macs, and to me, the experience is hardly different at all. I know it's grown into a giant Swiss Army Knife of a program and is probably loaded with legacy code, but I've invested years in getting to know it, so not going to change 'cos there might something leaner and slicker around. Using iTunes for Win and discovering how cool Apple software was, in fact, was the tipping point that led me...
iAD is part of 4.0's deep plumbing, so they'll certainly only be seen on Apple mobile devices in the beginning. But if they're effective (and they seem well-designed in terms of finding that intersection between those "emotional and interactive" axes Steve defined), isn't it highly likely that someones else will clone the approach, i.e., in Android and Win Phone 7 (and in various ways on Macs and PCs)? And if Apple gets serious about being in the ad biz - the business...
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